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Game of Thrones - Interview with Charles Dance

Even though you have acted in a wide range of film, television and theater productions throughout your career, you’re probably best known to many people in the States for your work in genre pieces such as Alien 3, The Last Action Hero and Game Of Thrones. Are you seeing big fantasy resurgence in England the way we are seeing it in the States?
I’m astonished, purely because I didn’t know how widely read the Game Of Thrones books are, and it’s got quite a following on the Sky Channel in England. I’m forever getting people coming up to me talking about Game Of Thrones in a very complementary way because I think it is very well done, and the production values are astonishing. But that I think that is quite a good case in point because the quality of the writing is such that all of the characters — although they’re in this kind of fantasy, fictional, pseudo-medieval world — do seem to be based in some kind of recognizable reality, and it’s appealing to people right across the board. It’s kind of an adult Lord Of The Rings; that’s how I would describe it.

With a TV series like Game Of Thrones or a TV movie like Neverland, there’s a lot of green screen being used. How does that affect the reality of the performers when you’re there? Do you see actors changing the way they’ve been performing lately?
No, I don’t see actors changing the way they perform, and for me, as long as you are working with a director who knows what he’s doing — which is not always the case — if there are questions I have about where I am supposed to be looking and what am I looking at, if you’re working with a director like Nick Willing who can show you his extraordinary artwork, because he does all these concept drawings, then I understand the world that I’m pretending to be in. But by and large, if the writing is good and I take it seriously and do my work properly, whether I’m in a room that is painted green or I’m in a room that’s heavily art directed or in the street or on the back of a truck, if you’re right within yourself then you’re going to be right within the world that you’re in.

Source: Full interview @ Attention Deficit Delirium