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The Walking Dead - Season 2 - Greg Nicotero Talks About Directing an Episode

Transforming ordinary humans into flesh-eating, mindless zombies for AMC's monster hit "The Walking Dead" involves a fair bit of Hollywood magic, to be sure. But makeup master Greg Nicotero orchestrated his own remarkable transformation with a leap to the director's chair for the show's second season.

The special effects wizard — whose diverse slate of movie projects include "Inglourious Basterds," "The Green Mile," "Sin City," "The Pacific" and the "Kill Bill" series — helms an upcoming episode that marks a new benchmark in his gruesome career.

The broadening appeal of horror and fantasy fare is helping gross-out geeks like him find notoriety in the mainstream, and even snag high-profile projects of their own, he says.

"I think what's interesting about it is (we're in) a situation where guys who love and respected the genre when they were younger are now well-placed in the industry," Nicotero says in a recent interview from the set of "The Walking Dead."

Source: Full article @ Winnipeg Free Press