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The Walking Dead - Q&A with Laurie Holden

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Q: Now that it's approaching winter, do you miss the summer heat on set?
A: The thing that's great about our new location is that there are more trees and more of a breeze in the summer. It was not as hot and unbearable as it was last year. So we were dying when we shot it but that's the intent.

Q: Andrea looks pretty comfortable with a gun. Have you acted with guns before?
A: On The Shield, I played an agent so I used guns a little bit, but I've never... had the training I've had for The Walking Dead. I got hooked up with a shooting expert and we were going into the backwoods of Georgia on weekends for like two hours at a time. He would put bulls-eyes throughout the woods. They were tiny. When I saw that, I was like, "Come on!" He told me just to try it -- and I started nailing all of them! He said he'd never seen anything like it. I guess I have a knack for shooting I didn't realize I had.

Q: Kind of surprising for someone studying human rights at Columbia.
A; None of it makes sense! It's very bizarre.

Source: Full Q&A @ AMC

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