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Supernatural - Episode 7.07 - The Mentalists - Recap

Hey, everyone! After last week's awesome episode, did this one follow in its steps? Let's find out…

Do Not Disturb

Previously – Amy, brother angst, Amy, brother angst, Amy, Dean is an alcoholic, brother split. YAWN. So sick of this Amy crap…

Somewhere, a psychic is performing a séance for a couple so they could speak with…Uncle Danny. Wind howls, knocks are heard. Looks like Danny is in the building. The woman asks about some dog, but the man cuts down to the chase, and tells the psychic to ask Danny about some hidden money.

The psychic lady (Who is kind of annoying) asks the couple to put their hands on the planchette (And I have a flashback to In My Time of Dying). Then the power starts flickering and the fireplace goes crazy. Psychic lady doesn't seem comfortable about this. The planchette rises and launches into the psychic's throat. Guess Uncle Danny didn't like her very much…

Working Solo

Yay, it's Dean! But where's Sam? Oh, right. Dean shows us how to steal a car (I keep saying how educational this show is) and isn't pleased with all the mess in it. That's definitely not the Impala. (And dice on the mirror, really? Probably belonged to a pimp).

Dean hotwires the car just in time for News of the Weird with Bananas Foster. That's my favorite program! Apparently, the psychic we saw earlier is from Lily Dale, a town full of psychics. And she isn't the only psychic who died. Dean's Supernatural Sense is tingling, and he heads on to LD.

"'Cause is it me, or should those guys have seen it coming?" Ha. It's like they say how come there's never a newspaper headline saying 'Psychic wins lottery'. Go figure…

Dean goes to the scene, and learns nothing except that it's all smoke and mirrors, and psychics are frauds (Bet they're thankful there are enough suckers in the world to pay them). Hey, he even made a Powerball joke! That no one heard. Maybe next time, Dean…

I'll Have Some "You"

Dean heads down to a café, and we see a poster about a psychic festival. Hey, it's that psychic who died! Guess she won't be appearing. Unless another psychics will channel her or something.

At this point, I see that Mike Rohl directed the ep, and I pause to look him up, so I know what to expect. And man, this guy directed some awesome episodes! Including Appointment in Samarra, which is probably my favorite ep in S6, and one of my series favorites. Now I'm relieved.

This is priceless. I wanna try that soup. Dean is approached by some hippie host, with one of the creepiest smiles I've ever seen. Something inside me hopes he's the episode's baddy, so he'll die painfully. Dean's about to "source a taco joint" when he hears a familiar voice…

Reunited And It Feels So Good

"Do you always wear a suit to get your palm read?"

It's Sam, the prodigal brother! After last week, some folks saw in the promo that the boys are working together again, and guessed that Bobby talks some sense into them or something, and that's how they reunite. I, however, guessed that a psychic town is weird enough for both of them to check out, and they'll meet by chance. Feels good to be right.

Dean fills Sam in on what he knows, pretending that the all Amy thing doesn't exist. I did that too sometimes in the last couple of weeks. Dean also references Pamela and Missouri. I had to look Missouri up on SN Wiki (Come on, it's season 1, who remembers that stuff?). Only then he asks Sam how he's been. Gee, Dean, how do you think? But before Sam can answer, Dean orders a yummy-sounding meal.

"Fantastic. You're a virile manifestation of the divine."

Even before I looked up 'virile', I nearly spit out my coke right on the screen at this. This is one of the weirdest, creepiest things you can every say to someone. Even with the Amy issue weighing on them, I totally justify Dean's reaction to this.

There Is No Spoon

Dean doesn't let his brother get a word out (Well, one word), 'cause he's probably trying to just repress the Amy issue, and focus only on the case. Oh, and apparently they've been separated for a week and a half. I liked the little 'brothers apart' montage in Free to Be You and Me, but I'm glad they didn't repeat it or something. They need to talk it out, and put it behind them, the sooner the better.

Just then, some weird hippie chicks recognizes them from the police manhunt. Yay for callbacks! But because she's a stupid weirdo, they talk her out of it. Her Russian spoon-bending friend comes (And figures they're F.B.I, because Russians can spot the law) and offers his help. Then he demonstrates his skills. Some help you're giving…

"He broke my spoon." Ha.

The brothers go to visit Grandma Psychic's granddaughter, Melanie, who is also a psychic (Surprising, huh?) but doesn't believe in it.

"It's an honest living."

"Interesting definition of 'honest'."

She tells them she's less about crystal balls and third eyes and more about reading body language. They ask her about a necklace her grandmother wore, which they believe is a cursed object because the two psychics that died were wearing it. She says it was sent to the Emporium.

That Guy Got Forked Up. Too Spoon?

They go the place, run by Jimmy Tomorrow. Problem – the necklace is obviously rare, and thus obviously expensive. Solution – Feds get the 'state evidence' discount. Jimmy, who's apparently also psychic (I'm getting sick of them) senses Sam's anger. Yup, if you go a town full of psychics when you're angry, they'll all remind you about it. Turns out the necklace isn't authentic, and thus not cursed.

"Oh, a fake, around here, imagine that."

Meanwhile, Russian guy is practicing his bending. Suddenly, the entire cutlery is vertical on the table. Damn, that guy's good. Oh wait, he doesn't understand what's happening. Lights flickering, cold…I think we all know where this is going. Russian guy goes for a float, and lands right on the silverware. FATALITY.

So wait, we have a crystal ball psychic who was brained by her own ball, a séance woman who was stabbed by her planchette, and now a spoon bender, killed by cutlery. I know who's behind this. The spirit of Irony!

In My Time Of Dying

The boys come to investigate, and the police chief tells them he got dozen of tips from psychics who know what happened. Ha! He also says that Russian guy claimed he had a vision of his own death. In a regular town that might've sounded weird, but in Lily Dale…go figure. Dean asks about the popular theories of the death.

"It's a toss-up between a ghost and some sort of ogre that only attacks Russians." Awww, the poor Russians.

And then Melanie calls. Apparently, Grandma Psychic also had a vision of her death, down the last detail. Sam and Dean decide to come clean, and tell her it was a ghost (Again, in a normal town I highly doubt they would've done it, but…).

Dean decides that probably all of the crystal balls are in Lily Dale, which means any resident could've summoned the ghost, which means….Everyone is a suspect! This won't be easy. Dean wants to investigate together, but Sam chooses to split up, because it's 'faster'. Party-pooper.


Camille, Melanie's friend, is just done doing some bone shtick for another sucker when she's having a vision of lots of flashing things. Including her being choked. Melanie comes to help, along with Dean.

"Phony law man, huh?"

"Yeah, 'cause nobody can relate to phony around here." Ha!

Camille says she didn't see her attacker, but Dean spots a hidden security camera (What is for? Thieves? I wouldn't blame anyone who would steal their money back from a psychic. They're all scammers). They see a ghost, which Melanie recognizes from a photo at the museum.

Sibling Acts

The brothers reunite at the museum, where they pay a visit to the Sibling Acts section. The museum guy tells them that the strain of working together and being around each other all the time didn't help them a lot.

"Those two are the exception, the Campbells. Of course, it was a stage name, they weren't actually brothers. That was a cover for their…alternative life style." He means the hunting life, right? Oh, wait…

Sam asks about the photo of the ghost woman. Apparently she was one of two sisters who were from the founders of Lily Dale. Her sister, Kate, was talented and charismatic, while she, Margaret, was "full of crap", as Dean says.

Then the museum guy gives Dean the creepy arm grab and gives him a message from Ellen – That if he doesn't talk about his issues, she's gonna kick his ass. And that he has to trust someone again. Creepy.

Dean tells Sam to wait up, and starts letting it all out. I should quote every sentence from this awesome scene, but I'll give only the two that I think are the most important ones.

"You lied to me, and you killed my friend."

"No, I put down a monster who killed four people."

To quote Dean from Defending Your Life, there's no Black and White here, it's pretty muddy. Sam is right and Dean is right, they just have different perspectives. Sam thinks Dean should've told him about Amy because she was his friend, and he trusted him. Dean went behind Sam's back because he didn't want to hurt his brother and also because he was afraid of his reaction, since Sam's got a permanent devil on his shoulder. I don't think there's a 'either he's right or he's right'. They both did what they thought was right. But there's still tension in the air about this. Come on, guys, get it over with.

I Kinda Know Who Killed Me

The brothers go dig up Kate (It's amazing how they always dig in perfect rectangles), but before they can burn the bones, she shows up and interrupts them. She begs them to listen but they don't, and just as Sam burns the bones, she explodes into Dean with a cool effect.

Meanwhile, Camille's getting ready to move in with Melanie for a while, since she's kinda scared about her vision. But just then, the vision starts happening. The scared girls call the brothers, who instruct them how to keep the ghost away, but their efforts fail and the ghost kills Camille.

The brothers come back and comfort Melanie. They realize they burned the wrong sister, and that Kate was giving people visions to warn them about her psycho sibling
They go and dig up Margaret, only to find out her bones are gone. That's not good. Dean realizes that all three victims were the headliners in the Lily Dale psychic festival.

"We gotta find the bones."

"So we gotta find the bonehead."

Real Psychics - We Are The 1%

Dean asks Melanie if she knows who might be next. She says Camille was supposed to replace Russian guy, and she would probably be asked to replace her grandmother. Uh oh. Dean circles both of them in salt, while Sam goes to Jimmy Tomorrow, who sends him on a wild goose chase. Sam realizes that after intruding a Lamaze class, and heads back to the Emporium.

Dean and Melanie are safe in their circle, when suddenly the window breaks and the wind breaks the circle. (Come on, Dean, how long have you been doing this? When are you gonna learn not to do salt circles in rooms with windows). He starts fighting the ghost with everything he got – salt, iron and a shotgun.

Meanwhile, Sam confronts Jimmy. Apparently, Margret doesn't help him because of the binding spell, but because she wants to. He hates it that the phonies are all rich and successful while real psychics like him get jack squat. He shoots Sam and misses, and with lack of choice, Sam shoots back and kills him. He then goes and burns Margaret's bones (Which are in Jimmy's bed…Ugh) and saves Dean and Melanie in the nick of time.

Are We Really Done With Amy?

"I can't believe he was boning her." ZING!

Back at the café, the creepy waiter serves them again, and Dean threatens him with physical harm if he throws him another weird compliment. Melanie comes in, Sam goes out. She thanks Dean, and they say their goodbyes. Awww, I liked her. And she joins the small team of surviving females on Supernatural.

Outside, the brothers finally reconcile. About god damn time, boys. Sam says he understand why Dean did what he did, but still a bit angry at him for lying to him and drinking his liver off. Dean admits that he didn't trust Amy ("Since Cas I've been having a hard time trusting anybody") and gives some lame excuse about his drinking. I'm willing to let that pass as long as we get brotherly peace, and get this Amy issue finally over with.

"I still wanna know how that guy bent my spoon."

"Forget it, Sam. It's Lily Dale."


Rating – 8/10 bent spoons. This episode was pretty old school Supernatural. Good ol' regular case. Pretty similar to Shut Up, Dr. Phil, except there was no Leviathan touch. Which is fine, since we got more than enough of them last time. They don't have to mention them in every single episode. Yup, it was a pretty much standard good episode. Without the Amy thing, it could've been in any season. It was good, but lacked something awesome or mind-blowing, so it gets an 8. Might've gotten bit less if the Amy thing wouldn't have been resolved.

- As much fun as they were, I hate the LeviaBros for benching the Impala. Dean should not be driving some filthy, ugly-colored Dodge! I will not be pleased until the Baby returns!

- Melanie was a nice character, wouldn't mind seeing her again.

- I could've sworn I saw that museum guy somewhere once…

- Loved all the references – Pamela, Missouri, Ellen, Cas.

- The brother talk after the museum was hands down the best scene of the episode. Superb acting by J&J.


"I'm gonna be rich!"

"Their spirit monkey said so."

"There's fake woo-hoo crap, and there's real woo-hoo crap."

"I hate this town."

"You can be pissed all you want, but quit being a b****!"

"If you affirmate me, I'm gonna punch you in the face."

Next week – Sam's getting married!....Wait, what?

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