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The Secret Circle - Jessica Parker Kennedy Interview

Thanks to Philomina for the heads up.

Jessica Parker Kennedy plays one of the main characters on the new mystery show "The Secret Circle". Melissa Glaser ist part if the circle of witches of the teenager generation, and Jessica explains her character in this interview a little bit. She also talks about how she prepared for this role und with which TV character she would like to switch places for one day. Jessica likes to travel and talks a little about the places she visited.

1. Can you describe your character Melissa a little bit? Would you classify her as a rather good witch or an evil one?

Melissa is passionate and grounded. She isn't evil but she hasn't exactly found her place in the circle in terms of how good or bad she is. She definitely has a naughty side but she's got a good heart and as soon as things get too serious she reigns it in.

2. What can fans of the mystery genre expect from the show?

They can expect to have many questions. I feel like every time we turn a corner and find something out about Cassie and our parent' past, it raises even more questions. The writers are doing a great job of keeping the viewers on their toes. I feel like the show is full of suspense, drama, romance and a great deal of mysteries yet to be solved.

Source: Full Interview @ MyFanBase