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Harry's Law - Jean Smart Conference Call

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to participate in a Harry's Law Press and Media Call with Jean Smart. She speaks briefly of her upcoming scenes in this Wednesday's episode "Rematch". Here is an excerpt of questions and answers from the transcript. Unfortunately, some parts are unclear.

Nikki Lichterman (Moderator): Thanks everyone for joining the call with Jean Smart today. We're excited about her return to Harry's Law. As a reminder, the episode will air this coming Wednesday at 9:00 pm.

Operator: Our first question coming from the line of Jamie Steinberg with Starry Constellation Magazine. Please proceed with you question.

Jamie Steinberg: Good morning. I was just wondering if you could talk a little bit about the chemistry between Roseanna and Ollie.

Jean Smart: Oh. Well, apparently they - yes, they have a - there's a little friction there. Apparently they had - it's been inferred that they had a little fling at one time. And maybe neither one of them are too proud of it. I don't know. But they get some of these sort of spar with each other, a little bit about that. I don't know if she's proud of that fact. I mean I know she's married so it may have been a - may have caught her in a extremely weak moment. But she obviously - I don't think she's attracted.

Jamie Steinberg: What do you think it is about Harry's Law that has it such tune in worthy show?

Jean Smart: Well I mean first of all, I mean David Kelley. I have always wanted to work on a David Kelly show. So I was just thrilled because I just think - I just like the way he uses the language. And he's got a terrific cast, with really interesting, really talented actors. And [Kathy]'s character is very unusual especially for television. I mean her character - I mean she's not always the most likable person in Harry and she's, you know, she's kind of a grouchy curmudgeon and she, you know, smokes marijuana and she gets stressed out. And she, you know, so she's not your typical hero. Well maybe they brought me on to make her look nice, I don't know by comparison. But I just think that, you know, he's written a show about a person who sort of has been in trouble in a (unintelligible) depression and - but someone who does actually really, really care. They really, really care about what they do. They really, really care about their clients a lot. And so that's all sort of, in spite of, you know, her other attributes. But she loves what she does. So she's back.

Operator: Thank you. Our next question coming from the line of Reg Seeton with thedealbolt.com. Please proceed with your question.

Reg Seeton: What do you like about playing such a strong character like Roseanna opposite such a strong actress like Kathy?

Jean Smart: Well working with Kathy, I mean it's (unintelligible) because first of all I've always been a fan. And I had never met her or worked with her before so it was - that was - so I was really looking forward to that. And we have a nice relationship. Incredibly we both, you know, we both take it seriously. But I think...

Operator: Our next question is from Cindy Kong with SpoilerTV.com.

Cindy Kong: We really enjoy watching the show in Canada. So you mentioned the casting. Were you cast in the role of Roseanna...

Jean Smart: I love Canada... I like Canada. Yes. I was offered the role and I was really, really excited because as I mentioned before, I've always, always wanted to do - speak David Kelley's words. But I'm just having fun because she's sort of the woman you love to hate, you know. She's so ruthless and I just find her, you know, amusing. But in this episode that's coming up Wednesday night, you - she actually sits down in the bar and briefly has a drink with Kathy's character which is kind of fun. And you sort of get a little tiny glimpse underneath, you know, her facade. And you kind of see a little bit what makes her tick. And I just think it's a great episode. I just - I'm really looking forward to seeing this one.

Operator: Thank you. Our next question is from the line of Suzanne Lanoue with TV MegaSite. Please proceed with your question.

Suzanne Lanoue: Oh yeah. I was going to ask you what do you think drives your character most?

Jean Smart: Well I think between some of her personal issues which we get a little glimpse of like I said Wednesday night, I think she really does - I think she really does feel like she's doing something very, very important. And in this episode she feels a little bit betrayed by someone in her own profession. But it's true. I mean she's extreme. She's like a pit bull. It's something between jaws, you know. She'll say and do anything to get what she wants and what she needs. And I just find it - I just find it funny that when we watch all these big profile - high profile trials on TV like this - (Stacy Anthony), is that the right name? (Casey), no. (Stacy) I think. And O.J. Simpson and those kind of trials, it's always they're - for the most part it's the prosecutors that we're rooting for, you know. And we kind of tend to have some disdain for the defense team. And I just find it odd that in - on television almost all the time the prosecutors are the bad guys and the defense team are the good guys. At least I find that interesting. So I'm a good guy darn it.

Operator: Thank you. Our next question coming from the line of Deliana Dixon with divagalsdaily.com and thirdage.com. Please proceed with your question.

Deliana Dixon: You've had such an illustrious career. I'm wondering what are the biggest lessons you've learned professionally and do you and Ms. Bates share stories about your years working as actresses?

Jean Smart: Oh, you know, I feel fortunate because I had not really been typecast and I've gotten to do an enormous variety of things which I'm very grateful for. Kathy and I actually have - and I actually knew this going in. But we had so many mutual friends that we had never met or worked together. So it's sort of been fun. Every once in a while I'll walk in and I'll say - I'll give her a big hug and a kiss and I'll say that's from so and so. And we (unintelligible) and so oh that's from so and so. Everybody has clients that I'm working with and say, "Please, please tell her I said hi. Tell her I - give her a hug. Give her a kiss." And it's really been old home week for her and the two of us. From New York theater mostly.

Operator: Thank you. Our next question coming from the line of (A.J. Grello) with scifivisions.com. Please proceed with your question.

(A.J. Grello): Hi Jean. Thanks for taking this call today.

Jean Smart: You're welcome. Are you putting my character in the sci-fi department?

(A.J. Grello): We base most of our stuff is sci-fi but we watch all walks of life. The first thing I ever saw you in was Designing Women and, you know, I've seen you in various things throughout the years. You know, you see - you've done comedy, you've done drama. What's your - what do you prefer to do and what's been your favorite character to play over the years?

Jean Smart: Oh gosh. Well this one is right up there. This one is right up there. It's probably so far one of the most fulfilling parts I've done since 24 definitely. Twenty-four was very (experimenting). Oh, you know, there's a couple comedies I've done that I could have done for a long time and loved. You know, I did a show for (unintelligible) called Style and Substance, which was truth be told sort of a little (unintelligible), Martha Stewart in a loving way I think. But it was one funniest things - one of my favorite characters that I ever played. But this is going to be - this is going to be right up there. And Designing Women of course. I loved playing that character. I'd actually like to play that character sort of like that again. But I certainly didn't get typecast as the sort the sweet and (unintelligible) I am in real life. Kind of (unintelligible) back again.

Operator: Thank you. Our next question coming from the line of Deliana Dixon from divagalsdaily.com and thirdage.com. Please proceed with you question.

Deliana Dixon: Hi Ms. Smart. I had a follow up question for you. You're such a timeless... ((Crosstalk)) ...I wanted to know some of your beauty secrets that you always look amazing.

Jean Smart: Oh my goodness. I'm - I don't have much of a regimen that I do. You're so kind. I'm always kind of horrified lately when I see myself on camera. I think oh, good Lord knows like that and especially since, you know, high def film has arrived. That was - that's been taking a huge getting used to to put it mildly. Thank you. I have to - I have to give all the credit to - most of the credit to hair and makeup artists that really most of it do to the DP, the Director of Photography. So especially on Harry's Law he is a very bright, very energetic extremely caring young man who makes sure that - he takes care of - a little unnerving sometimes and he always walks over and gets about three inches from your face and is inspecting you all over and holding up his hand and yelling orders to people for, you know, bring in this light, shut off that light, bring in more, you know, every year it's like more equipment for you (unintelligible). It's all about lighting. But you know that - you know that yourself probably looking in your mirror, you know, you have certain mirrors in certain places and you look, you know, ten years older or ten years younger. It's all lighting. But I do use something religiously. It's my only thing that I always do religiously. Sunscreen.

Source: NBCUniversal

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