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Game of Thrones - Season 2 - Cast Additions Cheat Sheet

With the promo period for Season 2 of HBO's Game o Thrones fast approaching I thought I would link this cast addition cheat sheet from Winter-is-Coming. With 35 new cast members in addition to the 69 surviving roles from last season, things can get a little hard to piece together at times.

The cast list should help take care of any confusion. It has a photo for each new role (hover over the character name to see the actor) and each photo is clickable, taking you to a brief character overview, actor bio and more clickable links!
For spoiler sticklers, there are VERY MINOR spoilery details in a few of the character descriptions - Only the vaguest of character information with no real plot spoilers, but I thought I would warn those that have not read the books and want to be completely unaware as they view each episode.
View the interactive cast list at Winter-is-Coming.

Also of note:
HBO will air a Season Two preview for Game of Thrones tonight before Boardwalk Empire. According to HBOWatch "This will be the first time anyone has seen so much as a photograph from the new season."

So set your DVR or be at the TV about 30 minutes before Boardwalk Empire airs (around 7:30pm CST) for the first Season Two footage of critic's darling and fan obsession Game of Thrones!