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American Horror Story - Season 1 - What's next for Tate


Tate's Long Journey: A source close to show tells us that Tate will eventually come to terms with who he is and what he did, but not until this season's last three episodes. And those episodes will be "shocking." Shocking in AHS terms is something we're both scared and excited to experience.

Medium at Large: Yes, Billie Dean will come back, but not until episode 11. And she will be "very afraid" of some of the ghosts she'll encounter. Are these ghosts we haven't met yet? That remains to be seen, and episode 11 is sooo far away!

Childhood Flashback: A couple episodes from now, we'll be going back in time to a certain character's childhood. And it's a main character at that. We'll eliminate one: It's not Violet.

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