Mastodon Mastodon Adams TV Teasers - 22nd November - Part One - The Mentalist, Greys Anatomy, CSI Miami, The Good Wife & More...

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Adams TV Teasers - 22nd November - Part One - The Mentalist, Greys Anatomy, CSI Miami, The Good Wife & More...

Hey Guys,

Adam's TV Teasers is back again, and we have lots of great bits of news, teasers, casting calls and synopsis' for you to plough through in two parts.

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The Mentalist
Episode 4.13 is called "Red Is The New Black."

There is an additional role added to the episode; Junior Acosta who is a public relations party planner, who is described as a player in the high end fashion world.

CSI: Miami
Episode 10.13 is called "Terminal Velocity."

A man plummets to his death because of a sabotaged parachute, and the team learns that the victim in question was a regular sperm donor with over 100 "children" all of whom could be suspects...

The Closer
Episode 7.20 is called "Armed Response."

A security guard who was a veteran of the Iraq war is found murdered near an abandoned house.
Could the fact that the place is a regular party spot for some teenagers have any relation to the case?
Look out for an attractive bad boy, a hot girl who thinks she's smarter than she actually is and a restaurant owner who is worried about his daughter's advanced sexuality... All bare weight to the case!

Criminal Minds
Episode 7.14 is called "Closing Time."

Guest character of the episode is Martin, who owns a bar in Manhattan Beach and has just found out his son isn't his... biologically speaking. Shit, hits, fan...
Also look out for Hunter, the boy who finds out he isn't Martin's, but rather Martin's best friends after his mum had an affair.

Body Of Proof
Episode 2.13 is called "Identity."

Key to the episode are John & Gail Whirley who are dealing with the death of their daughter in a car crash.
However things get interesting when it emerges that the first responders may have made a mistake in identifying the victims... intriguing... spooky...

Grey's Anatomy
Episode 8.13

Some small casting calls for a woman worried over her child’s well being, a confused and blindsided woman, and a couple of small roles described as funny.

The Good Wife
Episode 3.13 is called "Finding Mr. Bitcoin."

Dylan is the creator of Bitcoin, an online currency, and finds himself pressured by the Treasury to reveal the identity of one of his clients...
Also look out for Bao, who is a Chinese man who may, or may not, have a vital connection to Bitcoin!
The Bitcoin mystery continues with Alex, who claims he once stayed in a hotel which accepted Bitcoin...

I hope you all enjoyed this weeks teasers, and make sure to check back next week for more!

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