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The Vampire Diaries - Episode 3.04 - Disturbing Behavior - Review

"Well if the most diabolical woman I know can't figure it out, I must be doing something right." —Stefan

When Katherine showed up last week, I thought the show would just keep her lurking around for a while longer before she got to stir things up again. Seems I forgot that this show doesn't like to wait for anything, and this episode was definitely better for it. Katherine's back and she's moving the chess pieces again. She's doppelgangering and tricking both Bonnie and Damon (which was awesome, it's been way too long since she's done that!), she's killing people, and she's still playing that cat and mouse game with Stefan (which annoyed me, just tell her what you're up to!). I thought a Stefan/Gloria/Klaus game of deception and secrecy was about to spark once Gloria tormented the truth, in a sense, out of Stefan by interacting with his soul, but in comes Katherine and stabs her in the jugular with a knife. Forget dragged out arcs of nonsensical hidden truths. And by the hour's end, Klaus is back in Mystic Falls and only so far from knowing that Elena is still alive. I thought for sure we'd wait at least one more month until then. Nope. This is Vampire Diaries.

It's the same with Jeremy telling Bonnie about him seeing his dead ex-girlfriends. But I feel like I must mention the elephant in the room here: seeing Anna and Jeremy interact, even from "that side," it's painfully obvious how much more chemistry they have than he and Bonnie …

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