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Supernatural - Episode 7.05 - Shut Up, Dr. Phil - Recap

Hello, everyone. Another episode of Supernatural has arrived. Wow, episode 5 already? Seems like season 7 started just last week.

Previously – Dean hates witches (Meaning we're going to see some), the Leviathans are on the loose, Dean kills Amy, and there's a Leviathan following the Winchesters. And he loves cheese.

Hair-raising Dreams

I always say that some death scenes in this show look like scenes from a Final Destination movie. And the same could be said about this one. A woman is sitting in a hair salon, with a "beehive hair-dryer" (Dean's words) around her head. She's left unattended, and soon enough the machine begins to malfunction and overheat, and eventually deep-fry the lady's head. Ouch. Some employee dude sees her, and lets out a scream (I think it's been a while since we had a guy screaming in the tease. Oh wait, we had one last episode. Scratch that).

Cut to Dean, who's having nightmares about Cas, Sam and Amy. This is a cool scene, but it's also kinda weird, since Dean wasn't at any of the places he dreamed of (Except Amy). They only got to the water place when Cas was already halfway in the water, and didn't see him limping his way there. And he got to the warehouse after Sam shouted and shot at Lucifer. (Sam did shoot him while Dean was there, but the clips that are shown are from before he got there).

He wakes up, and searches 'Freaky accidents' on the web (What? How do you think they find jobs?) And finds only one (That's one lame search engine) in a remote place.

"You ever heard of a town called Prosperity, Indiana?"

"Has anybody?"

Funny. Seriously, some of the towns they go to sound like places that couldn't possibly exist. I bet they have a guy whose only job is to look up little towns most people never heard of.

Fun fact – When Dean opens the second page on the computer, you can see that it is opened in Windows Picture and Fax Viewer. I knew they never really surf the internet. It's impossible to type 'Freaky accident' anywhere and get one result.

New and Improved?

Sam "Lance Armstrong" Winchester returns from some intense biking, and I bet the fangirls were thinking one of two things at this point – "Like he needs to exercise" or "Come on, Sam! You're all sweaty! Take your shirt off!" Anyway, Dean tells Sam about the hair-dryer woman and a guy who boiled to death in a hot tub.

And here's another weird thing (second thing and we're not even ten minutes in) – Last episode Sam said that he doesn't feel guilty 'cause he feels like he paid his debts in hell or something, and now Dean says that he's 'New Sam' with the biking and all. Ok, but…Sam got out of hell in the beginning of season 6. Sure, he had no soul, but he got it back in mid-season 6. So where was this 'New Sam' until now? Why didn't we see any sign of him? Did he become a new, happier man over night? Next thing you know, he's gonna start eating healthy food…

Speaking of health, Sam notices Dean's growing attraction to hunter's helper, and wants to talk about it. But Dean, like always, refuses to do so, so Sam gives up again, and Dean mocks him. Come on, Sam! You're his brother! If you see that something's eating him, you need to push it, even if it hurts, until Dean spills the beans! Giving up on conversations this easily won't get you anywhere…More on that later.

In For A Penny

Yay, it's LeviaCheese! Or Chet, if you really want to (According to SPN Wiki). He's just buying snacks (Why? Don't they eat people? Maybe it's to keep up appearance as a human…) and putting them in the trunk, next to a body. He's with Edgar on the phone, and tells him he's only a day and a half behind the brothers. Uh oh…

Sam and Dean arrive in Prosperity, and Sam goes to question Wendy's (hair-dryer lady) sister. She tells him Wendy was a saint, and helped kids and the church etc. But then comes the funny part.

"Agent Sambora, if someone did this to my sister, find out who." Sambora? Ha! Maybe Sam slipped, like "Hello, I'm Sam…bora! Sambora. Agent Sambora."

Meanwhile at the hair salon, Dean finds a mysterious coin behind one of the hair-dryers. And like we know from this show, mysterious coins are never a good thing. He tells about it to Sam, and they figure it's some kind of hex talisman. Dean hangs up, and then goes into a liquor store. Oh, Dean…

Nailed It!

This next scene reminds me of the video game GTA San Andreas. Even if you don't play it, I'm guessing you're familiar with the franchise. Anyway, in the game, there's one mission when you kill someone at a construction site in the following way – You wait for him to go into a portable toilet, then, using a bulldozer, you push the toilet –with the man inside – into an empty hole, which you then fill with cement. So basically, not only are you burying him alive, but also it's in his own body wastes. Not fun.

Back to the episode. Another not fun way to die in a portable bathroom is being nailed to death by a floating nail gun while you're in one. And this nail gun has no mercy for the guy. Dean goes to the scene, and finds another coin. Sam finds out that all the victims were working on a shopping center project, and there's one more guy in the group who isn't dead yet – Donald Stark.

Apparently Mr. Stark founded the town's charity foundation, so he had a bust made in his image. The boys go there and see that the plants around the bust are dead, and Dean recalls he saw the same thing near a bench that had a picture of Wendy. Bobby texts the guys that the coin is an antique Romanian piece. Their next stop is Don Stark's house.

The Truth is...I am Brainiac

(Yes, I know it's not episode-related, but if their last name is Stark and they're not gonna make a single Iron Man reference, then I will.)

Hello, James Marsters! Now, a small confession before we continue. I never watched Buffy. Maybe because it started when I was Six. Maybe we didn't have it on the TV here in Israel, I don't really remember. But I know a lot of people who were on the show, like Seth Green, Eliza Dushku, etc. The first time I saw Marsters was on Smallville, where he appeared in multiple seasons. His character was a bit annoying sometimes, but you can't say the guy can't act. So I was very thrilled to learn he was finally coming to Supernatural.

They tell Don that they suspect all three deaths were murders. They ask him why the shopping mall project fell apart, and he simply answers with "These things happen". Enter Don's good-looking assistant, Jenny.

"She bakes cupcakes."


Sam searches the house, and finds some nasty witch stuff. He also assumes Don's having marriage trouble, since the closet is half-empty. They question Don about it, and he admits he had an affair, and his wife, Maggie, took it pretty hard. They see more dead plants near the house, and call Bobby for advice.

I ♥ Cupcakes

Dean goes to search Maggie's current house, and finds a closet with more witch stuff, including pictures of all the victims (Not creepy at all) and realizes Jenny is the next target. Just then, Maggie arrives and Sam tries to stall her, unsuccessfully. So he pushes her car to get the alarm to go off to alert Dean. Smooth.

Maggie's working her magic while Jenny is baking more cupcakes. She takes a bite from one and has some red on her chin. Either they're cherry cupcakes, or… Oh, that's just nasty. She begins to choke and vomit blood, but just then, the boys come to the rescue. Sam finds and shoots the coin just in time to save her.

"That's never happened before, hearts in my cupcakes!"

Yeah, she's taking this lightly. The boys tell her that she was hexed, probably because she messed around with Don. But she tells them she never had an affair with Don. So why did she just almost die?

Son of A Witch

At the art gallery, we are introduced to Maggie's annoying friend, Sue. Then Don comes, wanting to speak to his wife. The couple starts arguing, blaming each other for the problems in their marital life. Maggie says she's far from over, and tells Don Sam and Dean's true identity (I guess you learn something if you live for 800 years). Don leaves the gallery, just to the face of his bust being blown off.

"Now she's just being nasty. Killing the girl is one thing, but his commemorative bust?" At least you got priorities, Dean.

Later that night, Maggie is arranging the gallery, while Sue's being all creepy-personal-space-invading-lesbian. They get drinks, but one of the olives is actually a human eye. Yummy. A minute later, all the paintings begin to melt. And if that's not enough, just as Sue tells Maggie she's there for her, she gets decapitated by a flying tray. Outside, Don drives away with a victorious smile. Ooooh, what a bastard.

Sam comes to the motel with chicken feet, which are apparently part of the spell that's supposed to kill the witches. The boys hear about Sue, and go to the crime scene. They assume Don is also a witch, and it's a full-on witch on witch war. They get in the car and drive away, and we see that LeviaCheese is already there! DUN DUN DUNNNNNN.

Sam and Dean Winchester, Supernatural Marriage Counselors

The brothers go to Don's house, where both witches are at, and chant the spell...It's not very effective. Apparently the chicken feet needed to be chilled. Oops. The witches start chanting themselves, preparing to wipe out the boys, who decide to go to plan B – talking.

This starts an amusing scene, with Sam and Dean trying in turns to show the couple they love each other, but each time one of them gets telekinetically thrown down by one of the witches. They also argue between themselves, with a nice Christopher Columbus reference. Apparently Jenny got hexed simply because Maggie suspected her for having an affair with Don.

And then there's a part which I think made lots of fans sigh in relief. In a recent interview, Sera Gamble (I think) said that they're bringing back Dean's least favorite bugs – bees. That scared me and some other people here, 'cause the Bugs episode is something we don't want to have a sequel. But it seems Gamble meant this episode, where Don summons bees to sting Dean. That's it. Disaster averted. Anyway, the couple resolves their problems, and they kiss and make up.

Don Saves Their Life (Twice)

The brothers return to the motel, where they're ambushed by LeviaCheese! He starts kicking their ass, but suddenly gets electrocuted and collapses. Cas, is that you?! Nope, just Don. He asks them what LeviaCheese is, and they say they're not sure.

"Find a bottomless pit and drop him in." Yeah, 'cause there are so many of those lying around.

Apparently, Don came in order to save Sam and Dean, since Maggie still wanted to kill them. They tie LeviaCheese in chains and put him in the car. Sam tries to get Dean to talk again, but once again, Dean refuses.

"We're good, right?"

"Yeah. We're good."

NO! You are definitely not good! Ugh…I'm so sick of this 'Sam trying to get Dean to talk routine' in the last couple of episodes. So instead of a pic of them from that final scene, I'm gonna post a pic of the tied-up LeviaCheese instead.


Rating - 7 James Marsters busts out of 10.

This was a pretty standard episode. A nice episode, but still standard. We got a regular witch-killings case, with a nice touch of two witches with marital issues. The deaths were pretty cool. Marsters and Carpenter did a fantastic job.

- I'm still confused about the Do or Don't the brothers know about Leviathans. Bobby clearly tells them in Hello, Cruel World that silver has no effect on Leviathans, and they bleed black. They just witnessed these two things when Dean shot LeviaCheese, but they still don't know what he is? Come on, guys. Do the math.

- Speaking of LeviaCheese, for the first creature on earth, he was pretty easy to take down. What gives? I get that Don is powerful, but still…

- LOL at Don having a picture signed by Donald Trump.

- I don't think I can eat cupcakes for the next week…

- I saw people in the comments asking why they let the witches go, knowing they killed people. Well, like I wrote above, Don did save their life, twice. And after they repaired their marriage, if they would've killed Maggie, Don would've been pretty pissed. So maybe they spared them to return the favor, or maybe just to protect themselves.

- This repeated Amy crap is getting really annoying. Luckily, it looks like Sam's at his boiling point, and it will be resolved in this week's episode, which looks freakin' awesome! I hope it will reach the quality level of the first 2 episodes. See ya next time!


"Somebody better be chasing you."

"Why don't you just run home, Lance?"

"From a freakin' flask? What are you, Bad Santa?"

"Restless leg syndrome."

"Dude, pie."

"Clean up on aisle 7."

"Carl introduced you to Wendy. Dewey covered for you. Wendy did you."

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