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Supernatural - Episode 7.03 - The Girl Next Door - Recap

Welcome back, everybody! My next guest started its 7th season two weeks ago and is very popular online, please welcome Supernatural!

*Crowd applauding*

Me: "Great to have you hear."

SPN: "Thanks, Great to be here."

Me: "So, episode 3 is on tomorrow night, can you tell us something about it?"

SPN: "Yes, episode 3 is about this girl Sam met when he was a kid, and now he runs
into her again, because he thinks she might be killing people."

Me: "Oooh, sounds interesting. But Sam's still seeing Lucifer, right"

SPN: "Actually, Mark Pellegrino isn't in this episode."

Me: "Oh…I thought he would be, because Lucifer literally said in the ending of last week's episode that he isn't going anywhere…"

SPN: "Well, he did…*nervous chuckle*. He won't be around for a couple of weeks."

Me: "Huh…Ok, then will see a bit of Crowley as the returned king of hell?

SPN: "Nope…No Crowley this week."

Me: "Cas?"

SPN: "Nope."

Me: "Then what reason do I have to tune in tomorrow night for the episode?"

SPN: "Well, first of all, Jensen's directing it."

Me: "Oh, why didn't you say so! But wait, does this mean we're gonna see him for 5
minutes total like in Weekend At Bobby's?"

SPN: "No, no, he gets much more screen time this time."
Me: "Oh, nice."

SPN: "We also got Colin Ford back as little Sam."

Me: "Oh, cool. I like that kid."

SPN: "Yeah, so he's there…We also got Jewel Staite."


SPN: "You didn't watch Stargate or Firefly, huh?"

Me: "Can't say that I have."

SPN: "Well anyway, we got her, and besides, it's a pretty emotional episode. Jensen really did a great job. Again."

Me: "So, it's an emotional Sam-centric episode directed by Jensen? Sounds good."

SPN: "Yeah. And don't worry, there are also some Leviathans, we didn't forget about that."

Me: "Sweet, I love those guys. So this sounds promising after all. Well, thanks for coming. Everyone, be sure to check out the 3rd episode of Supernatural tomorrow night, The Girl Next Door!"

Previously – Crap Hit The Fan

I know, I have a future in talk shows, huh? Just wanted to start this off a little differently :P . So, what do we have so far? Sam is going guano but checks in with reality when he feels pain, the Leviathans spread in the water and possessed some people, Bobby's place was torched, they fought Edgar in the scrap yard, Dean broke his leg, Sam was out cold, and they were both heading to the hospital where LeviaDocs await them. Oh, and Lucifer is back (kinda) and Edgar is still alive.

Quick word before we start, though. When I heard Jensen's gonna direct again, I was psyched. But like it said above, I was afraid of lack of Dean. But I guess he learned from that, and gets the amount of screen time he normally does (Well, maybe a tiny bit less. This is more of a Sam episode).

I think he lacked so much in Weekend at Bobby's because it was his first time, and he wanted to make it just right. This time he came experienced and knew what to expect, so I guess he could also appear more. And like his debut, this episode was directed brilliantly. So let's see what he cooked up for us.

Oh, just one more thing (Sorry, I'll get right to the recap after this). Before the season started, it was said the boys will be moving around a lot etc. I forgot to mention this last time, but I, along with others here, speculated that maybe Bobby's place will become unusable, making it even harder for our boys. And guess what? It did!

I know, it sucks for them, but I love it. Does anyone remember season 1, before they even met Bobby? They didn't have his place to crash in, so they kept driving and sleeping at motels, being together 24/7. Now we're back to that old formula, and it's looking great. I hope this also means we'll see Bobby more on the field. That's always good. Ok, not to the episode. For real this time.

Ambulance Chasers

We start with our beloved director, who is being treated by doctors at…Sioux Falls General! No! That's where the LeviaDocs are at! Run, Dean, Run! But he can't run, 'cause he gets sedated. He wakes up, tries to get out of bed, and crashes. Yup, that'll happen when your leg is broken. Just then, Bobby comes in!

"Bobby, you're alive!"

-" 'Course I am. Why are you on the floor?"

Now, this kinda raises suspicion. I'm happy that Bobby's alive as much as the next guy (It was kinda obvious) but…How? Bobby gives no explanation to his survival. Did he realize he was being followed and decided not to go to the house? Was he there, but managed to escape from the fire? Was he caught and being held up somewhere and this is actually LeviaBobby?! He acts normally through the episode, but we know Leviathans have the memories and all of those they possess, so I wonder…

Anyway, Bobby gives Dean crutches and tells him to meet him at the ambulance while he goes to get Sam. Bobby does his part pretty easily, but Dean is still dizzy, suspecting every doctor he sees. Just in the nick of time, he gets to the ambulance and they ride away. LeviaDoc takes out his phone. This can't be good…

Cabin Fever

Three weeks later, the gang is living in a house that belonged to Rufus. Apparently Dean got a heavy telenovelas addiction. Bobby arrives, and he got Dean's baby back. He tells them that other hunters ran into the Leviathans.

"They bleed black ooze."

-"Like that stuff that came out of Cas. Those things from Purgatory. Leviathan." *pondering look*

So wait, I don't get it. Do they know those things are Leviathan or not? I mean, from our point of view, it's obvious to us that they are. But maybe they think it's just a new shape-shifting man-eating monster. Although, from Sam's conversation with Bobby at the end of last weeks' ep, it sounded like they knew they were Leviathans. I'm gonna go with that.

In mid-conversation, Sam starts fading out and hearing things. No Mark Pellegrino this time. Me sad. I guess after two episodes of Hallucifernations, they decided to cut back on that a bit. Bobby says he needs to do some collecting of books he stashed around (Oh, Bobby, you think of everything, don't you?) and Dean sends Sam to get some pie. Another nice wink to the old formula.

Sam leaves, and Dean goes on another mistrust-fit. Bobby wants to be optimistic, but Dean refuses to admit his brother's OK, or ever will be. Talk about family issues…

There's A Difference Between Cake and Pie

Meanwhile, Sam goes to get some snacks, and sees an article in the paper about the Ice Pick Killer, and two references pop into my head – Dexter and Basic Instinct. If you've seen either, I guess you know why. The grocery guy swipes Sam's fake card, which is not only another wink the old formula, but a change of it, as we see in the next scene.

Yup, those Leviathans sure are strategic. They got a guy in the credit card company now, too. In season 1 it seemed obvious that the boys use fake credit cards, but this time, it's gonna bite them in the ass. Sera Gamble wasn't kidding when she said all of the boys' resources will be taken away. Goodbye, fake credit cards. LeviaCard (What? His name isn't said) calls Edgar, and the latter orders him to find our boys. Guess he's another employee who won't be coming back to work tomorrow.

Back at Rufus's place, Sam and Dean have the whole "How are you doing?" routine again. This is getting tiring. Sam says he's still seeing things, but he can tell the difference. Dean still doesn't trust him. And some got him a cake instead of pie. (Ha! Karma's a b*tch, Dean.) Sam reads the newspaper about the Ice Pick killer, which takes him wayyy back…

Family Issues

To 1998! Welcome back, Colin Ford! For a 15 year-old kid, he's got quite the résumé. I like his portrayal of young Sam. I also like him because he looks a lot like Liam James, another kid who portrays young Shawn in Psych, which I love ^^.

Young Sam is hunting something called a Kitsune, a creature that eats brains. Kinda reminds me of the wraiths. He's talking to Dean on the phone, but then Dean puts John on. Yay, JDM reference! We didn't have one of those in…A while. I love the difference between Sam's tone with Dean and the one with John. You could cut the tension with a knife.

Sam slips out of the house while Dean's sleeping (Bloodiest Valentine promo on the TV is priceless). Meanwhile, A drug dealer tries to make some money, but police sirens scare him away. But he doesn't get very far, 'cause something tackles him down and kills him. No way that's a Kitsune, right?

Dean wakes up, and sees a note Sam left for him that he went out for a few days. He freaks out and calls Bobby, who tries again to convince Dean that Sam is fine, but Dean again refuses to admit it, and cuts off his cast with a circular saw. Yup, now you know he means business. He goes to the store Sam was at and takes a paper so he can track down his brother.

Hitting on Girls, Beating Up Bullies…Family Business

Meanwhile, Sam goes to the police station and finds out the Ice Pick Killer has the same M.O – stabbing the victims behind the ear, and "removing" (AKA eating) part of their brain. He makes a famous Wall Of News and draws the creature's trail, with its next target. How does he know it? Yup, it's flashback time!

When young Sam hunted the thing as a kid, he realized it's attacking at parks near the highway, and only one victim per town. He's on the phone with Dean, but gets distracted by a pretty girl who is also at the library he's at.

"Dean, quick question. How do you talk to girls?" Ha!

Sam tries to make a move, but Blondie just blows him off. Come on, he's not that nerdy-looking. She says she isn't supposed to talk to boys. So…Playing for the other team? No, something more treacherous is afoot.

Sam walks out of the library, and sees Blondie being stalked by a couple of kids. He kicks the crap out of them, and finally introduces himself. She tells him her name is Amy. Man, why can't I meet girls in such cool ways?

Love, Supernatural Style

Back in the present, Sam stalks a Blonde woman in the woods. Gee, wonder where he learned that from. The Blonde looks like she's about to move in on a guy with car trouble, when Sam grabs her.

"Hi, Amy." Ooooh, the plot thickens.

Back to the flashback! (I know there's a little present scene first, but I don't wanna do the back and forth thing). Sam and Amy are at her house. She asks him how he managed to beat up the bullies. Isn't it obvious, Amy? He knows Kung-Fu. She asks him if he wants a drink, which he accepts.

Oh, look at that. Just a normal fridge, that has jam, drinks, butter…AND BRAINS? Well, every person and their breakfast of champions, I guess. Sam and Amy sympathize with each other since their both "freaks" who move a lot (I've never even seen the world largest ball of twine once…). Amy tells Sam all the cool people are freaks. Right, whatever helps you sleep at night. And then comes the inevitable kiss. Awwwwww.

Body Inspector

Back to the present. Sam is angry with Amy about her murders. She tries to convince him she has problems, but she's managing them. Sounds familiar? Sam doesn't buy it, so she slams his head into a tree, but in the process he manages to grab stuff from her pocket somehow. BTW, I'm not the only one who noticed her eyes turned kinda Red after she slammed his head, right?

Meanwhile, Dean is still following Sam's trail, and he's at the morgue, where he asks the coroner about Sam and the body.

"Let me ask you, did he do anything to it?" The coroner looks as disturbed as I am about what Dean could possibly mean by that.

The coroner tells Dean about the missing brain parts. Dean calls Bobby to tell him what Sam's hunting. Which he knows from reading John's journal! Yay, another S1 \ JDM reference!

Eat or Be Eaten

Sam follows Amy to her house (Using a piece of paper, obviously). Apparently, she's using the alias Amy Pond. I'm not a Doctor Who watcher, but I know there's a character with the same name there, so I chuckle.

Sam sees blood on Amy's hands, and demands explanations or he will kill her. (There's another flashback about how they both dislike their parents, hinting that Amy's mom is an angry person). Amy reveals she has a son, and was killing people because he was sick and needed fresh meat. Other than that, she's quite the girlscout.

And another flashback! Amy tells Sam to hide in the closet. Seconds later, her mother comes inside, telling her that "a couple of pros in a piece of crap Impala" (hey!) caught up with them, and they have to leave. Sam now realizes what we knew for the entire episode – Amy isn't human. She starts arguing with her mother, but eventually agrees in order to save Sam from detection.

Sam gets out, and if he had any doubt about Amy, they're gone when he sees a brain jar on the table. He raises a knife at Amy, and both realize what the other is, and what needs to happen now. But they decide that it doesn't have to happen, so Sam puts the knife back in the bag. Ah, young love.

Mommy Dead-est

Back in the present, Sam is coming back from Amy to his motel. He opens the door 'cause he wants to get back to his room. That makes sense, right? Well, not to Dean.

Ka-Pow! DE-NIED!

Dean is furious at Sam for ditching him. He tells him he had "horror shows" running through his head that maybe Lucifer is pulling his strings again. Sure, I guess it's kind of brotherly caring, but again we see that Dean doesn't trust him. Sam says he was fine, and just working a case, which didn't end the normal way. Dean asks him why…

Which brings us to the final flashback, and the most meaningful one. (Again, I know there are 2 of them separated by a Present scene, but I'm just gonna wrap it up). Just as Sam is about to leave, Amy's mom comes back. She grabs Sam and insults her daughter for deluding herself she could have a friend, and that all humans are just walking steaks. Sam is about to become the next victim, but Amy saves him by killing her own mother. Powerful stuff.

Sam tells Amy to skip town ASAP. She tells him to come with her, so they can "be freaks together." Awwww. He tells he can't, and she leaves. Awwwww. And so young Sam learns what we all know – Loves hurts.

Believe It Or Not?

Dean shows signs of sympathy with Sam, but tells him that if Amy is killing people, they have to kill her. That's what they do. Sam admits that he and Amy are both freaks, but they have ways to cope with it. He knows her, and tells Dean that not all monsters are evil, and not of all them have to end up six feet under.

"Trust me."

Yes, Dean. Trust him. Dean always had a hard time trusting Sam. Whether he came back from the dead, had a demon blood addiction, tagged along with Ruby, came back from hell, got his soul back, or broke his head-wall.

Sure, Dean had reasons to be skeptic. But he never gave Sam a break. He never even tried to trust him, to see if it would work. He always treated Sam, like he perfectly describes it, as a grenade that's about to explode any second. Dean always waited for Sam to slip down the slope, and that skepticism, that mistrust, is what eventually caused Sam to do that every time. Like Bobby said earlier, Sam might surprise Dean if he gives him the chance, except he never does.



-"Gotta start sometime, right?"

Sam doesn't seem to buy it, and neither do I. He wouldn't gain Dean's trust just like that. But wait. There are only a couple of minutes left for the episode. Does this mean Dean will really let this go and trust Sam for once? Will he see the grey areas and not just follow the things he's used to from Papa John? Will he, *gasp* have a heart for a change?

The Way Things Are

Dean wants to let Sam know he's changed for the better by letting him drive. That's a nice start, I guess. They reach a motel, and he tells Sam he needs to pick up some "candy". Except he goes to Amy's room. Ooooh, tension.

Well, it was fun while it lasted. Whatever bubble we had of Dean trusting Sam for a change just burst into a million drops. Dean tells Amy she can't change who she is, and will eventually kill again. So he kills her. Again, Dean might have a point, but… This is just plain cold.

Dean turns to find Amy's son giving him one creepy stare. Dean threatens the kid not kill, only to be threatened back. He tells the kid to come find him in a few years. Everyone caught this whole Kill Bill thing, right?

Back at the snack store, LeviaCard reports that he's on the brothers' trail. He then proceeds to eat the store clerk…WITH CHEESE. Oh, you sick bastard.


Rating – 8/10 brain jars. Jensen's directing was great, but from the middle of the episode, the jumps between present and past were too back-and-forthish. I know you can't show either for too long, but he could've spread them more apart, or even cut out one or two that weren't really necessary.


- First of all, I loved all of the guest stars. Colin Ford was great as usual, and both Emma Grabinsky (Young Amy) and Jewel Staite did a terrific job. They sure know how to cast'em.

- Loved all the John references. I think this is the most we had in a very long time. Too bad JDM couldn't pop for a guest appearance. That would've been awesome.

- This episode really felt like it was toned down a notch. If you think of it as a roller coaster, you can say the S6 finale was a peak, and the first two episodes were a thrilling drop down the tracks. But now we've started going upwards again, until we reach the next peak, and so on. Since this is a Sam-centered Jensen-directed episode, you would've expected them to focus on the brothers, but they've also moved forward the Leviathan stuff as a very good B-plot. This episode also doesn't end with a cliffhanger, like the previous two.

- Gotta love the whole Leviathan thing. These guys aren't just regular monsters who sit and wait for the boys to come to them, and then try in vain to kill them. They're playing the offense, taking the game to the boys. They're placing moles in strategic locations in order to track them down. The boys still don't know their fake card days are over, but they will pretty soon. That's already two blows, along with Bobby's place. Soon they'll have nothing to rely on but each other.

- Speaking of which, that's going to be very difficult if Dean's gonna go on with his trust issues. He followed all of John's orders, even the more controversial ones, but he can't trust Sam even a little bit. So yeah, maybe he isn't the "poster boy of mental health", but keeping this attitude sure ain't gonna help him, Dean.
Like I said, soon all they'll have is each other. Only the other can watch his brother's back. That means they gotta just sit down for a talk. Not just a "how are you?" A real talk, and sort out all of this trust issues so they can get back on track.

- Killing Amy. What the hell, Dean? He was so pissed and frightened of the things Sam did while he had no soul, but this wasn't much better. Maybe Amy really would've stopped killing and lived an apple pie life. Or maybe she wouldn't, like Dean said. But that's already irrelevant, because he didn't give her a chance to prove it. He killed her, just like that, just like how he was trained to do. I've lost a bit of respect for Dean today.

- And to end with a positive note, I also loved all the references, including the movie Dean wakes up to (Was also seen in 5X15), Mistress Magda (Who Chuck called in 5X22),Biggerson's mentioned twice in two weeks now, and the grocery guy had a Batman shirt of a movie where Jensen dubbed a character.


"Dude. Ricardo."

"Where's the pie?"

(To cast) "You're going down."

"Are you gonna punch me again?"

"Everything is better…With cheese."

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