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Supernatural - 7.04 - Defending Your Life - Recap / Review

Note - Normally I avoid other people's opinions on an episode until after I publish the recap. This time I went on SpoilerTV and tuned in for the discussion so I will be addressing some concerns that were brought up there in this recap too. I am still other people's recap-free though, so all opinions here are my own and open to debate. Oh and warning, I'm writing this full of cold medicine. Here's hoping it makes sense.

Previously - Sam hellucinated, FauxLucifer lied, Sam thinks he's managing, Amy killed, Sam believed Amy, Dean disagreed, Dean killed Amy. Side note: I think Dean did the right thing in killing her but not in lying to Sam.

A man in Dearborn Michigan is chased by a car into an alley. He thinks he got away, but Christine 4.0 chases him to his 10th floor apartment. In other shows, the bad guys would follow on foot. Not Supernatural. His breath clouds as an engine revs. He splats us right into the title card - very, very cool. Suited Winchesters arrive at the crime scene in the beautiful Impala, while Satan whispers Sam's name. Guess Sam still has hellucinations because he prods his palm to distinguish reality from fiction. Sam needs real medical attention if it still hasn't healed. Dean: "It feels wonky." I love that word; Sam's freaked out, perhaps worried it is a delusion and the hand pain didn't work. But Dean's talking about a straight up job instead of Leviathans. Sam's better and Dean's excited about a black and white case so it will be anything but. To hammer the Amy predicament lest we forgot last week's debacle (we're not dense writers), Sam thanks Dean for not killing Amy. I throw a pillow at the TV early this episode, sick of this subplot already. Dean still looks guilty and I still disagree with Sam. Amy would kill again for her kid. Up in Splattered's apartment, a detective has no clue. "Welcome to Crazy Town. Population: one dead guy." Ha! I like you. He says the victim, Matthew Hammond, was crushed to death. "If we weren't on the tenth floor, I'd say by a car." Love the deadpan delivery. This guy is counting down the years to retirement. I can relate.

The brothers enter, and hot tamale, it's the EMF reader. I missed you. Insert lame Bond joke, add dirt, and we've got something "spectral". (But is it corporeal?) Dean finds an AA badge in Splattered's place and his liver rejoices. For a millisecond. "Dead and sober. Double c***" Aw, Dean, try it. Sam finds a monthly charge to Jane's and suggests Dean check out AA (way to go Sam) while he checks out Jane. Dean's not going for it. "I gave up AA for Lent." Sam responds they aren't Catholic; I respond it's October not February. Sam: "Fine. I'll hit the meeting. You go hit on Jane." Dean's always up for that. Sam finds out Matt called his sponsor from Neal's Tavern to keep from drinking. Dean finds Matt sent flowers to a 10-year-old's grave each month. Sam connects the dots: Matthew killed his neighbor Elizabeth Duren when backing out of his driveway. Chances are he was drunk when he did it. Alanis Morissette's irony strikes while Dean chugs a beer. Sam, the fandom, and I worry about his slide into alcoholism. Sam wants to burn the kid's bones; Dean would rather drink - "The fun never stops."; I'm excited about a salt and burn. The classics are back today. Well, 6 seconds anyway. Fastest salt and burn on the planet.

We cut to a dog chase and at first I think it's Dean. He always get the dog issues. Instead, random victim runs into a diner and locks the door. No one else sees the dog so he's dead. One 911 call later and he's renamed Shredded. The brothers head to their hotel with a weary Dean giving Sam first shower. Sam however reads about Shredded. Sam says animal attack. Dean: "Well it is a dangerous world out there." Ha! Dean lies down but when Sam explains the details, it's back to work. Shredded ran a dog fighting gig. Dean's theory: 'He causes so much misery that some Rottweiler goes Cujo on him from beyond the grave." Only on Supernatural is that plausible. Dean asks my question, "Do dogs even have ghosts?" They debate ghost dog vs. ghost car. As long as it's not a racist ghost truck I'm good. In an effort to declare Dean the most hated brother, the writer adds, "I mean, I'm no one to judge but it sounds to me like that guy had it coming." Another pillow hits the screen. However, Shredded repented by volunteering at an animal shelter, raising money to help the animals. I guess he's now Redeemed. Sam: "People change." Dean: "Tell that to Ghost Dog." Bwah! A sleepy Dean starts to lie down but Sam says it's suit time. Dean's not thrilled. Sam finds dirt on the corpse and they are off to an apple farm. (I hope your apple pie is freakin' worth it.) Dean: "I would be so interested in that if I ate apples." Aww, did the Vanir turn you off them, Dean? Sam says they need to search a few hundred acres and Dean's had it. He needs a nap. Thankfully a crazy guy steps right in front of the Impala. Good thing she has great brakes. "How about we get you out of here before you get road killed." Back to the motel they go while I look for Molly. (Why yes, I am hopped up on cold medicine.)

Paroled accepts some hunter's helper from Sam and proceeds to completely lose me. With no nap, Dean is impatient but Sam uses his calm voice to decipher that Paroled got out of jail after 30 years for killing two people in a robbery. He was placed on trial again in a barn by a Looney Tunes judge with weird symbols. Paroled can't believe they accept his story. Sam: "We kind of specialize in crazy." BWAH!!! The brothers go outside to drop bad writing on our heads. Um, they exposit the now grey case. Dean's pro-ghost. Sam says they can't judge. They discuss murder vs. hunting while I run out of pillows and contemplate throwing my remote. What is up with the writing? Just because it's on a teen network doesn't mean we can't fill in the dots ourselves. Blah, blah, blah and they split up. It all leads to Neal's Tavern so naturally Dean takes the bar while Sam takes the barn. Sam and I both yell, "To work or drink." Dean: "I haven't decided." I decide Adam Glass can't write any better than Dabb and Loflin. Rolling my eyes and shaking my head, I regather the pillows. We're only 13 minutes in but I foresee more pillow throwing in my near future.

A worried Sam wants Paroled to accompany him to find the barn. No dice. "It's red; it stands out." BWAH!!! Great line! Sam makes a magic salt circle and tells him not to move. (No one likes a skeptic Roy.) Sam's at his wit's end and I feel for him. Everyone's a pain in his life right now. He sends the symbols to Bobby and heads to the orchard. While Sam works, Dean commiserates with Mia the hot bartender over Scotch doubles. (start rant) I've had it. Dean drunk in the middle of a job? What the hell! He preached against this in Playthings when Sam got drunk. Writers!!! I do not want Supernatural -The Intervention. This isn't 90210, Gossip Girl, Grey's or any other nighttime soap. There are ample ways to show Dean falling apart. Move on. Remember that show about saving people and killing evil. I liked THAT show! (end rant) Dean pretends to care about the case until Mia says Frank was bartending last week. She asks why he's downing drinks so fast while I mutter under my breath. "Well Dean, luckily I'm like a captive shrink with unlimited alcohol." BWAH! She joins him while Dean asks, "You ever do something behind someone's back because you had to?" She tells him if he had to there's no reason to feel guilty. I like Mia more every time she opens her mouth. Except she doesn't have all the facts - he should feel guilty about lying to Sam. Dean orders one more Scotch and Mia tells him to slow down because she gets off in an hour. Dean switches to beer. I decide Mia should officially stay. I hope she makes it through and isn't evil, but she's female so chances are slim.

Meanwhile, Sam searches the only red barn in sight, so I guess he didn't need Paroled's help after all. I can't believe Dean left him on his own when he's still having hellucinations. Nothing here makes sense. Bobby calls. They are dealing with Osiris, Egyptian god of the dead who judges guilt. Sam: "So good news then." Ha! Sam gets the good lines tonight. Bobby: "You know what this means." Sam: "Yeah, we've got to find him before he goes underground again." Bobby: "No, you idjit. It means you two gotta get the hell out of Dodge. This guy hones in on people who feel guilty. Who does that sound like to you?" Bwah! Ok, Bobby gets the best line and we get Sam to the rescue! I'm happy the episode is kicking into gear halfway through. Whoops, spoke too soon. Am I really to believe Dean is nervous about having sex with Mia? What's next? He forgets how to drive? Whatever! Osiris captures Dean. I ponder downing hunter's helper to get through the episode as Sam calls Dean through the commercial break. "Dude, third message. You better not be loaded." I'd believe it more if Sam weren't just coming out of the barn. What? Did he stop to pick apples during all these phone calls? Back at Neal's Tavern, a ticked off Mia picks up Dean's phone and explains to Sam that Dean is missing. Sam heads off to meet her and we head back to Paroled. The black and white TV goes staticky and lights explode. He thinks it's time to get out of Dodge too, but sadly things don't work out for him. Liquor store owner ghost shoots him. Hey that took just enough time to get Sam to Mia. In other words, it was pointless. Mia gives Sam Dean's phone and lo and behold, there's dirt. Back to the barn Sam goes.

Osiris used the short break for barn decorating. He likes statues of himself - tacky - but his chair is sweet. Dean sits bound to a chair with a chain. He mumbles something I can't for the life of me understand and Osiris pops in to say the chains are Houdini-proof. They snark back and forth. Dean: "What? You can't jump a guy when he's sober?" Boo hoo! You're the idiot getting drunk on the job. Osiris tells Sam to stop skulking and Sam says he knows Osiris' identity. Dean needs to be filled in because he was getting drunk instead of hunting with a hellucinating Sam. (Yeah, I'm not letting it go. It really irks me.) Everyone eye rolls another easy-to-kill pagan god and Sam says he should be on trial instead. Um, why Sam? Osiris makes no sense either. If you want to kill people, shouldn't you go after ones who haven't tried to make things right? He takes out people trying to help. My sense of justice and fair play is affronted. They paid their dues; back off. But Osiris like every power on this show is an arrogant jerk. He does allow Sam to play lawyer on a whim. (Hold on Sam because after assassinating Dean's character, the writer takes pot shots at you next.) Sam objects ten words into the trial with the juvenile "it's not fair". Neither Osiris or I get why he thinks life would start being fair now but I understand his frustration. Osiris says he'll call 3 witnesses and Sam objects since there's no prior notice. Dean congratulates him and he says, "I saw it on the Good Wife." HA!!! Wilson has to be happy his show was mentioned. Unfortunately, Osiris quickly shows that nothing Sam says will make a difference. "Now stop objecting or I'll find you in contempt. That is, kill you." Bet that doesn't happen on The Good Wife.

First witness - Jo Harvelle. Nice plot device to get the actress back on the show to make up for her absence last year in My Heart Will Go On. Otherwise, there's no need for Jo's presence. Besides typical survivor guilt, Dean can't feel blame for her death. Although she sports the vampire look, Jo looks good. Nice to see you Alona. And we enter the flashback stage with clips from Everybody Loves a Clown and No Exit. Dean is stunned to see her. Osiris asks if she admired Dean but she says only as a hunter, not a person. Uh huh, right Jo. So you weren't trying to get him in bed? Neither Osiris or I buy that. Jo says she trusted Dean and denies he is a bad guy, but Osiris cuts her off. "Wasn't it hard working with him considering your feelings?" Um, is Jo on trial here? Even a ghost has to be uncomfortable. Osiris accuses Jo of entering hunting because of her crush on Dean and says therefore Dean is ultimately responsible for her death. Did make any sense in ancient Egypt because it throws out all logic rules nowadays? More flashbacks from No Exit. Osiris grills her some more and Dean tries to stop him but Osiris closes Dean's throat. It's Sam's turn with Jo. He brings up Jo's father and how she idolized him. Sam insults Dean and asks if Jo went into hunting for her dad. Obviously, her dad had a lot to do with it and is probably one reason why she crushed on Dean truth be told. Jo says it's "daddy issues" and starts to tell Dean she doesn't blame him, but Osiris poufs her away. Osiris gives them a second before calling his next witness but Dean is clearly shaken and ticked. Sam asks who the next witness is and like Dean, I have no clue. Amy has to be third.

Second witness - Sam Winchester. Shock all around. Yep, a defense attorney is expected to testify against his client. Ancient Egypt must have been loads of judicial fun. Osiris brings up Jess and Sam's law dreams; Sam tries for glib but comes off as lying. Osiris insinuates Dean is to blame for the death of Sam's dreams 8 years earlier. It's an even bigger stretch than Jo, considering Jo was shredded saving Dean from hell hounds. The Brady thing cancelled any expectation for Sam to have a normal life whether Dean came or not. Osiris then calls the Impala a "gas guzzler" and while absolutely true, I'm offended for her anyway. Flashbacks to the pilot and Sam calls things complicated. He says Jess isn't Dean's fault but Osiris twists the knife. "Sure and neither is everything that came after - all the death and the blood and hanging on by a thread. None of that is on Dean directly." Dean flashes back to fighting with Sam, pushing Ben, Ronald, Pamela, Jo, John, Mary, Sam and Lisa being stabbed. (Interesting that they threw Ben in since he never died.) After these flashbacks, Dean might want to die. Maybe that's Osiris' real plan. He continues, "But don't you think that your brother dragged you back into that catastrophic mess because he'd rather damn you with him than be alone." OUCH! Sam pauses; Dean swallows hard. "No, one way or another, I'd have gotten pulled back in." Osiris pushes and Sam says he's pretty sure, no positive. I agree. YED wasn't giving up his plan so Sam could get a picket fence. The people who should be on trial are Mary and John Winchester. Yes, both of them.

Osiris believes Sam but then goes for the throat. It's not about if Osiris thinks Dean is guilty. It's about if Dean thinks he is. "This is solely about how Dean feels way down deep. Them's the breaks." Yep, Dean's screwed. Sam: "So if Dean believes he's innocent, then he is." I agree with Osiris - that's one BIG "if". Osiris: "People want to be judged. They really do. When your heart's heavy, let me tell you, real punishment's a mercy." Okaaay. Not sure how I feel about this, but you don't get any mercy bonus points from me Osiris. You're just another in a long line of jerks. Sam calls Dean to the stand; Dean isn't excited to plead his case. And everything turns to farce. I got flack for saying Sam looks bumbling during this whole "trial". I was trying to say that the writer seemed confused here and while Jared did wonders with this mess, it didn't ring true at all. I know Sam never went to law school and that he's under a lot of pressure here. However, Sam talks and lies and convinces people for a living. Generally people buy what he's saying because he is that good so it's weird that he's stuttering and hem hawing and overall awkward here. I don't expect him to be Perry Mason but he is Sam. I think the writer forgot who he was writing. Sam is smart, usually eloquent and definitely passionate. None of that came out in this trial. To me, this is as much an attack on Sam's character as this episode is on Dean's and I wish the writers would stop changing characters to fit the plot. They did it in season 1 a lot and it bugged me just as much there. I'm saying the characters can't grow and change. Believe me, I wish they would. But when a character you've known for 6 years suddenly seems jerky (not as in a jerk but not smooth) and off, either they're possessed, have no soul, or something's wrong with the writing. I'm going with the latter.

Sam mentions that Dean is not psychic and couldn't know the future. He makes good points but it's stilted and it's obvious that while Sam uses logic, Dean doesn't believe it emotionally. He simply repeats what Sam says. Sam: "So is your heart heavy with guilt or just plain heavy and none of this guy's business?" Great point and for once I wish it were a top of the Impala soul chat. Sam might be able to help Dean understand this, but not in this setting. Which is obvious when Dean says, "What you said. The second thing." Way to be convincing Dean. Sam rests his case early - maybe because we're almost out of time. He knows Dean is just mouthing words to get out of the situation without actually believing them. In fact, Dean's usually a much better liar so the whole trial scene is a wash. Osiris asks Dean if Dean wants him to call his last witness or if he's done. Dean flashes on Amy (and the scene we had not 25 minutes ago - urgh!) and he's done. Sam: "What the hell's he talking about?" Dean: "Enough Ally McBeal. Just drop the hammer already." Sam objects but Dean says it's over. "The court's reached a verdict. I find you, Dean Winchester, guilty in your heart and sentence you to die." (Yawn.) Death sentences are far less threatening when you've died a hundred times and both have gone to hell. It feels more like Saturday detention. Osiris tells Dean to get his affairs in order over the protests of fans who thought Cas should be a witness. To be honest, reading the boards completely shocked me. It never occurred to me that Cas would be part of this and besides survivor's guilt again, to me Dean has absolutely no reason for guilt. Cas made his own choices behind the brothers' backs and lied until he was well and truly caught. He would not listen to reason, did not look for alternatives, was arrogant and cruel, and so wrapped up in his own power trip he didn't realize he was in over his head no matter how many people appealed to him. Cas fell to pride and while each character has done that and deserves to be redeemed, nobody is to blame for someone else's bad choices. I don't understand why people blame Dean for Cas or Sam's choices or why anyone would blame Sam or Cas for Dean's choices. It wouldn't make sense to blame Sam for Dean making the demon deal.

Back at the Rainier Hotel, Paroled heads out in a body bag. In any other episode Sam would beat himself up about it. It's refreshing to see him realize that Paroled didn't listen and got himself killed. Besides, he's worried about saving Dean and happily, Dean also researches instead of drowning his sorrows. Well, until Bobby calls with another quick-fix instant pagan god stopping plan. Yeah, another one. Pagan gods are easier to kill than angels and demons on this show. Apparently Osiris heads to the underworld for a few hundred years if stabbed with a ram's horn. I wonder how these gods lasted so long. If I made myself a god and for some insane reason let people know how to kill me, I'd make it obscure like Eve and the phoenix ashes. My weapon of choice wouldn't be something found throughout the streets of Egypt while I was reigning. Seriously, any shepherd could kill you. How's that a good plan? Sam goes to InstaGoogle and finds a ram's horn in a synagogue. See - that weapon is far too accessible for a god killer. It's like A Very SPN Christmas when the pagan gods brought the only thing that could kill them into their house. I'm so glad the Leviathans are supposed to be smart. Dean snarks that stealing from a temple is a new low, and Sam restrains from slapping him. I wouldn't. He goes for the keys when Dean mutters, "That thing's going to sic Jo on me Sam." He sounds heartbroken and I instantly feel for him. Sam: "You're a hunter Dean. You know how to deal with ghosts." To which I whine, "But it's Jo." That sucks out loud. Dean: "So you're suggesting I kill her again?" Sam sighs heavily, "You didn't kill her Dean." So true. Instead of alleviating Dean's guilt, this episode just piled on more.

Dean gets the salt and once in the magic circle, says, "You can come out now." Jo is behind him but we cut to Sam breaking into a rabbi's office. The rabbi walks in and we pan to Mia the bartender listening to some woman's guilt. What exactly is the point of these cuts? It breaks the mood and adds nothing. Back at the hotel, Jo apologizes. "You know I'd never do this." Yeah, we know. She calls it a twisted eye for an eye but Dean has nothing to repent for. He says it's okay but Jo disagrees. "No it's not. You deserve better." Dean: "No you did. You deserved better, Jo." You both did. We cut to Sam driving and I wonder why add the rabbi scene at all. Since the Jo and Dean scene is the best thing about the whole episode, it's irksome to keep cutting away. What's with Supernatural's allergy to letting a scene run its course? Every episode this season has had weird scene jumps that barely give us time to get into the scene before we're somewhere totally different. In this case, it's twice as jarring because Sam is hellbent on saving his brother, complete with the music to prove it, while Dean and Jo are having an emotional heart-to-heart with the melancholy strings overture. Gah! This show is schizophrenic these days.

Back to Jo - "Dean, my life was good. Really." Dean says Osiris was right about him, that Jo and Sam were kids. "You know, hunters are never kids. I never was. I didn't even stop to think about it." That's it. When Osiris gets back, I demand he haul John Winchester to trial. He deserves it. Jo says it wasn't Dean's fault but he counters that he didn't want to be alone. Is that the time your dad abandoned you and said you were ALL in danger not "both" in danger, implying that Sam was in trouble too? That time? Dean wishes he had sent Jo back to the Roadhouse in No Exit. I say he shouldn't have lied to Ellen to cover up Jo's choice. See a theme here Dean. But Jo knows he wouldn't be able to; her mind was made up. Jo: "He was right about one thing?" Dean: "What? Your massive crush on me." HA!! Jo: "You carry all kinds of c** you don't have to Dean. It kind of gets clearer when you're dead." You tell him Jo! Dean: "Well then in that case, you should be able to see that I am 90% c**. I get rid of that, what then?" Aww, Dean! Jo: "You really want to die not knowing?" I have never liked Jo better than right now. Why can Dean only be 100% honest with the dead? He has to lay some burdens down. It is too heavy for Dean, Sam, and the fans, and it's now getting in the way of his hunting. The mood shifts slightly and Jo says it is time. She sets the burners on filling the hotel with gas. Nice. Osiris will take out everyone in the hotel not just Dean. (I'm skipping how these ghosts can manipulate appliances when it took a lot of practice in Death Takes a Holiday.) Dean flashes to the explosion that killed Ellen and Jo. That was one fantastic death scene. I find it sad but poetic that Dean's going out in fire, the same thing that ended his childhood. He swallows and looks at Jo, eyes shining.

In a 10-second break, Osiris stalks a woman at the tavern talking to Mia. Not sure if Mia is part of Osiris' gig, but probably not. No time to ponder because it's Jo and Dean time again. Jo toes up to the salt circle and reminds Dean she was a hunter too. She freezes the window until it breaks and wind scatters the salt. Dean doesn't have the shot gun so he has no intention of fighting. Jo gulps out, "He's making me do this" and Dean nods. "It's okay." Maybe TPTB feel it heightens tension to jump back to the tavern. It just annoys me. Osiris grabs the lady. Jo grabs Dean's lighter. Suddenly salt and burn is less appetizing. She opens the lighter as the camera pans to gas rising from the stove. The music of danger commences but we all know in 3 seconds Sam will stab Osiris. Dean and Jo look at each other. It's a 1 -second flash of Jo's death scene and Sam stabs Osiris right on cue. His eyes go djinn blue and he mummifies. Very cool special effect. Kudos! Jo touches Dean's face much like Mary did in What is and What Should Never Be and Dean briefly closes his eyes at her touch. It's tragic and sweet, then Jo drops the lighter and poufs off. Hey, I call foul! She doesn't even get her final words. Dean's left looking around in wonder.

As these episodes often do, it ends with beers on the Impala. Sam questions Jo just flickering out (me too) and Dean says she wasn't in pain. In fact, she seemed happier. Great thing for a depressed alcoholic to come away with. Dean questions why Sam volunteered to defend him. I question where Dean has been the last couple of years. Sam has his back. He thinks Sam might have made a decent "scuzzbag" but Sam reminds him they lost. It's a bit of fun before the heavy Amy drama. I like fun. Sam asks about the final witness and I brace myself for the gigantic brother fight to come. And wait. And wait. Give me a freaking break! Dean lies to Sam again. Now we have to deal with Dean guilt and constant anvils hitting our heads from writers who, given how the last 2 episodes were written, are bound to remind us of Amy every episode lest we forget. UGH!!! I'm thoroughly sick of the Amy issue already and we haven't even gotten to the fallout yet. I was promised brothers united, working together stronger than ever, and I better darn well get that soon. Nothing good comes from this lying, especially not an engaging story line. Man up, tell the truth, and for the sake of my good mood, do not let this subplot drag on until midseason break. Unfortunately, the writers can't hear me screaming through the TV after a barrage of pillows and the remote hit it. Instead, Dean asks why Sam wasn't on trial too. Sam: "I think I just don't feel guilty anymore." Dean is puzzled, I'm glad for a healthy response to the suckage of hunting, and I'll bet at least one part of the fandom is up in arms. He clarifies, "Hell. Look I'm not saying it's logical, I just, you know, I feel like I did a lot of stuff I should have felt bad for and then I paid a lot of dues and came out the other side, you know." Dean: "And that worked? I mean you really feel like your slate's wiped?" Sam: "No. Nothing ever gets wiped you know. Sometimes I see Lucifer when I freaking brush my teeth. I don't know. I guess I just finally feel like my past is my past and I can finally move on with my life. You know, hopefully." I hope that too Sammy. That's exactly what Dean needs too and I'm glad you got a chance to vocalize it. Here's hoping he learns to drop some too or else this entire episode is a waste. Dean: "Well I don't know whether to be jealous or weirded out." Sam says he feels good. Ah man, that jinks it. Sam will fall hard in the coming months. No Winchester is ever allowed to be happy. The Powers That Be dictate that.

Overall - This episode wasted much of its potential, not just with Alona Tal but the whole idea of carrying around too much weight to deal with. I fully admit that if Dean gets less guilt-filled as the season progresses, my opinion of this episode will change. Right now, it feels like filler. The first half had some pacing problems, the trial was awkward to say the least, and the pagan god was dispatched too easily. The best thing by far was the Jo and Dean conversation but they kept interrupting it for reasons I am still not clear on. Why bother having the rabbi walk in? Did the guy win a walk-on part and they couldn't figure out what to do with him? Makes no sense. Osiris wasn't scary, coming off like a bored king taking out his frustrations on peasants. Another spoiled power-crazed dictator. That being said, I loved Sam coming to Dean's rescue, working hard to save him. The acting was as always great considering how they really had to reach to pull it off with what they were given. All for guests were awesome. Alona Tal was especially a welcome sight and I love how she was still Jo, not some angry twisted spirit. I live in hope that what she said sunk in. The episode concept was novel and if I hadn't already been spoiled, the case would have intrigued me. The fact that they were taken out by what they felt guilty about was good continuity. In the end, the episode was great compared to most shows I watch on TV. However, comparing it to other SPN episodes, it was firmly in "meh" range. Let's just say that for the first time in a long time, Supernatural was not the best show I saw this week. Of course, that may be because Fringe had an exceptionally strong episode. If this had shown last week, it would still reign supreme.

Next week - We better have top-notch writing. If you have Charisma Carpenter and James Marsters, I expect the best. Looks fun and we could use the break of a little dark comedy. Bring on War of the Roses - witch style.

Grade - C- for Supernatural / B for the rest of TV
Best line - "No, you idjit. It means you two gotta get the hell out of Dodge."
Best scene - Dean and Jo
Worst surprise - Dean still didn't confess he killed Amy

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