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Hawaii Five-0 - Cast Talks About 2.05 - Ma'emae Also includes new Sneak Peek

Hawaii Five-0 Set Visit: Cast Talks Chin Ho's Hot Date, Kono in Hot Water

Hawaii Five-0 almost had the perfect scenario for a romantic date: a seaside locale, a shared meal, an intimate vibe ... oh, and about two dozen tourists trying to take pictures of the interlude.

On a balmy August day at the Duke Kahanamoku lagoon at Waikiki's Hilton Hawaiian Village, Daniel Dae Kim and Reiko Aylesworth were filming a date between Chin Ho Kelly and ex-fiancee Malia for Monday's episode, "Ma'em'e" (10/9c, CBS). TVGuide.com was on the set to check out Kamekona's shrimp truck and find out what's going on with cousins Chin Ho and Kono (Grace Park).

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Last season, Chin Ho kept busy working with Five-0 and clearing his own name of scandal before rejoining the HPD. He has more than just work on his mind now, though. "You're witnessing one of the changes for Chin Ho this season," Kim told TVGuide.com. "A lot of the first season was spent trying to find his own place in Five-0, trying to find a new family. Now we're going to see more of Chin Ho's back story regarding his romantic life."

"He and Malia were once engaged," Aylesworth explained. "Then, during all the investigations into Chin and the corruption scandal, he broke it off with her. He was trying to protect her, but everyone -- including Kono -- thought that she dumped him because she didn't want to be with someone going through that. It's complicated. It looks like they're trying to rekindle something over shrimp."

Whether or not Kamekona's shrimp plates put Malia in a romantic mood remains to be seen. They seem to have worked their shellfish magic on the usually private Chin Ho, though. "He's confiding in someone outside of the team. That's not something we see him do very often," said Kim. "He's held a lot of secrets and hasn't trusted people, so he tends to hold a lot inside and not reach out. In this scene we see him reach out to someone that he cares about and with whom there might be an actual spark of something."

"In this scene and throughout the episode you just see the very deep connection that these two have," Aylesworth added. "I think we were together for quite a while. They're meant to be together, in my opinion. Meant to be doesn't mean will be. ... there's a lot in the way."

One of those obstacles right now is Kono, who's been acting a little surly and lost ever since she was has been stripped of her badge. Chin Ho has already tried to get through to his cousin, but "she's really not in that space," commented Park. Now it's Malia's turn to try. "In another scene, Malia talks to Kono about how they used to drive her all around the island to all the surfing competitions when she was in high school," said Aylesworth. "I think Malia was like a big sister to Kono and would love to be back in that position, but I don't think Kono is near ready to forgive her for what she thinks Malia did."

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It certainly doesn't look like any sympathetic words got through to Kono. Last we saw, she had allied herself with dirty ex-cop Frank Delano (Billy Baldwin) and even gave HPD intel to him. In Monday's episode, a Five-0 investigation brings the team face to face with Kono's recent activities. "There's a volleyball coach that we think is shady that gets killed and we're investigating what's going on," revealed Scott Caan. "It turns out to be something connected with Billy Baldwin's character."

It's a pretty grim situation that Kono willingly chose ... but perhaps with reluctance. To hear Park talk, Kono doesn't feel like she has a lot of options.

"What can she do? She's pretty tied," Park said. "She's been feeling pretty frustrated. Kono has really identified with being a cop and doing something for the community ... and now that that's been taken away, it's the acceptance of that. There's distance between her and the entire team, and she knows her place is not with them anymore. She needs to find her new niche ... And maybe she does it in such a way that is not so good."

See what goes down with Kono, Chin Ho and the rest of Five-0 on Monday at 10/9c on CBS.

Do you think Kono has become a criminal for the sake of revenge? Or do you think she's playing a deeper game? No matter what, should Five-0 take her back? Do you think Chin Ho and Malia can make their relationship work?

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