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Adams TV Teasers - 25th October - Castle, Person Of Interest, CSI, New Girl & More...

Hey Guys,

A few teasers for you this week, ranging from Castle all the way to Parenthood. It's crammed full of exclusive STV content, so enjoy!

Episode 4.12

We have a new recurring character on the block; Robert Wheldon, who is an African-American handsome politician.
He's involved in a crime, suggesting a case for the team that spans over a few weeks.

Raising Hope
Episode 2.11 is called "It's a Hopeful Life."

The episode features a Christmas movie with a family similar to the Chance's, the difference being they are incredibly over the top

Episode 2.12 is called "Tarot Cards."

Featuring in the episode is acrobats who must be training in acrobatics. Stunner!

The Middle
Episode 3.10 is called "Thanksgiving III."

Frankie's family and her sister Janet's family both head to their parent's house for the holidays.
Axl finds himself crushing over a cashier at the mini-mart, but even grandpa can't help his chances, whilst back at the house the sibling relationship creates tension.

Episode 12.10 is called "Genetic Disorder."

There's a naked and very dead body in Judy's bed, but she claims she isn't having an affair.
The detectives try to ignore their "pre-judgements" but the case looks to be death during adultery.
Look out for incest, smothering, crazy bitches and lipstick smears in a most bizarre episode.

Desperate Housewives
Episodes 8.10-8.12

Look out for a storyline revolving around Rosie Sanchez, a woman whose husband is missing and a woman working at a rehab facility.

Person of Interest
Episode 1.10 is called "Number Crunch."

Wendy is the main guest star, a hair stylist who offers Reese a haircut unaware that he's following her.
Also there is a congressman who has lost a son, and a potentially recurring role of a senior White House liaison!

Episode 1.02 is called "The Price You Pay" and Episode 1.03 is called "The Last Hurrah."

New Girl
Episode 1.10 is called "Christmas."

It's Schmidt’s company party, and there are undeniably a few snags that hit them along the way.
"Santa Schmidt" is caught in a compromising position, Winston gets an admirer as well as some advice for Schmidt on winning over Cece.

Episode 3.11 is called "Missing."

Max wants to visit a dinosaur show, and shocks the family by his attempts to reach the even himself.
Meanwhile Amber gets herself a job and another member of the cast sprains his wrist. Ouchie...

Episode 8.11 is called "Who's There?"

I can tell you who definitely wishes he wasn't there... A real estate mogul who is killed in a robbery.
Facebook gets guest star Ava into trouble. Her account hints to her being the mistress of the mogul, or has she actually met him before?

I hope you enjoyed this weeks teasers, and check back next week for more exclusive STV content.


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