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The 2011 STV Character Competition - The Winner Announced & Final Words - Updated With Tweet From Misha Collins!

Update: Rather awesomely, Castiel's portrayer Misha Collins has tweeted out about his winning the competition, jokingly stating he feels sad for Castiel's opponents as they stand no chance:

Always nice to see your voting makes a little difference to the people that are involved in the shows. Great work SPN fans...

Hey Guys,

Another year of SpoilerTV Show and Character competitions is over, and as a result of yesterdays huge turnout for the final of the 2011 Character Competition, I am delighted to announce that the winner is:

It was a clean sweep for Supernatural this year, taking both the Show and the Character Competitions. Whilst Castiel was perhaps not the expected winner, he is a deserving one after his fans found their way through a very tough run that included Malcolm Reynolds of Firefly, last year’s champion Jack Shephard of LOST, as well as Kate Beckett of Castle, Peter Bishop of Fringe and his own co-star in Dean Winchester. It was an impressive show, and therefore a worthy winner.

It was a huge day, with the Final being the most viewed page on the entire website (excluding the homepage... but only just :P) both yesterday (13th) and today (14th) up until the point of me posting this. Add to that almost 18,000 votes, over 1,000 tweets, almost 1,000 facebook likes as well as almost 400 comments and The Final was easily the biggest day of the competition. Supernatural though, emerges as the king once more...

However, other fans should have hope, as Supernatural has been given a run for its money on every occasion this year. Who can forget how close Fringe was to winning the show competition in a fight that swayed to and fro at every turn. The Vampire Diaries through Damon Salvatore have proven that their fanbase has grown following their huge defeat in the 2010 show final, giving their CW rivals an almighty run for their money. There is no denying that whilst Supernatural’s hold on the top prizes remains strong, it will face an even tougher challenge next year.
For now though, it is a day for Supernatural fans to be proud, they have completed the first whitewash of the STV competitions in only its second year of running.

The Official Results

STV Show Competition
2011: Supernatural (Runner Up: Fringe)
2010: Supernatural (Runner Up: The Vampire Diaries)

STV Character Competition
2011: Castiel – Supernatural (Runner Up: Damon Salvatore – The Vampire Diaries)
2010: Jack Shephard – LOST (Runner Up: Clark Kent - Smallville)

For those interested in how 2011's Character Competition Final went down, head HERE
For those interested in how 2010's Character Competition Final went down, head HERE

The winner of the prediction competition, after surging through from behind to take the lead on the penultimate day was Fide Sivgi on a huge 146 points. Congratulations Fide, you are the winner of the DVD Boxset Voucher!

The Official Finishing Positions (Number Of Votes In Final Poll)
1) Castiel - Supernatural (9581)

Runner Up
2) Damon Salvatore - The Vampire Diaries(8283)

Eliminated In Semi Finals
3) Dean Winchester - Supernatural (4285)
4) Richard Castle - Castle (1509)

Eliminated In Quarter Finals
5) Chuck Bass - Gossip Girl (3251)
6) Peter Bishop - Fringe (1117)
7) Kurt Hummel - Glee (870)
8) Daeneyrs Targaryen - Game Of Thrones (813)

Eliminated In Round Three
9) Kate Beckett - Castle (1901)
10) Dana Scully - The X Files (1703) *Top Character From A Finished Show!
11) Olivia Dunham - Fringe (1543)
12) Katherine Pierce - The Vampire Diaries (1480)
13) Elena Gilbert - The Vampire Diaries (1440)
14) Greg House - House (1065)
15) Sam Winchester - Supernatural (970)
16) Blair Waldorf - Gossip Girl (860)

Eliminated In Round Two
17) John Locke - LOST (1094)
18) Benjamin Linus - LOST (970)
19) Jack Shephard - LOST (949)
20) Walter Bishop - Fringe (925)
21) Fox Mulder - The X-Files (896)
22) Chuck Bartowski - Chuck (821)
23) Temperence Brennan - Bones (759)
24) Pheobe Buffay - Friends (494)
25) Meredith Grey - Grey's Anatomy (486)
26) Ziva David - NCIS (471)
27) Barney Stinson - How I Met Your Mother (447)
28) The Doctor - Doctor Who (434)
29) Buffy Summers - Buffy (422)
30) Jack Bauer - 24 (318)
31) Debra Morgan - Dexter (252)
32) Michael Westen - Burn Notice (242)

Eliminated In Round One
33) Caroline Forbes - The Vampire Diaries (1212)
34) Eric Northman - True Blood (1202)
35) Tyrion Lannister - Game Of Thrones (992)
36) Malcolm Reynolds - Firefly (990)
37) Sarah Walker - Chuck (972)
38) Kate Austen - LOST (940)
39) Abby Sciuto - NCIS (788)
40) Anthony DiNozzo - NCI (657)
41) Penny - The Big Bang Theory (648)
42) Sydney Bristow - Alias (617)
43) Spike - Buffy (531)
44) Willow Rosenberg - Buffy (529)
45) Seeley Booth - Bones (525)
46) Nikita - Nikita (521)
47) Juliet Burke - LOST (512)
48) Veronica Mars - Veronica Mars (499)
49) Alicia Florrick - The Good Wife (464)
50) Sheldon Cooper- The Big Bang Theory (445)
51) Teresa Lisbon - The Mentalist (417)
52) Walter White - Breaking Bad (410)
53) Rachel Berry - Glee (402)
54) Sookie Stackhouse - True Blood (396)
55) Dexter Morgan - Dexter (390)
56) Patrick Jane - The Mentalist (382)
57) Parker - Leverage (343)
58) Richard Cypher - Legend Of The Seeker (285)
59) Shawn Spencer - Psych (236)
60) Remy "Thirteen" Hadley - House (206)
61) Leslie Knope - Parks & Recreation (197)
62) Fiona Glennane - Burn Notice (189)
63) Mary Shannon - In Plain Sight (161)
64) Abed Nadir - Community (153)

Most Voted In Polls
1. Castiel vs. Damon Salvatore - The Final - Day 33 - 17864 votes
1. Castiel vs. Dean Winchester - SF1 - Day 31 - 9432 votes
2. Damon Salvatore vs. Chuck Bass - QF - Day 30 - 7024 votes
3. Castiel vs. Kate Beckett - R3 - Day 25 - 5888 votes
4. Richard Castle vs. Damon Salvatore - SF2 - Day 32 - 4048 votes

It's been great fun and a pleasure to host the STV Competitions for the second year running, it's a feature that is continuing to grow and I hope to be able to improve it even further for next years 2012 Summer Season. With very rare exception every person I interact with is a fan of television, and a fan of certain shows and characters. It is a great world to be involved so heavily in, and I thoroughly enjoy being able to bring you a competition that often brings a lot of these communities together in one place to discuss and interact and spread the word about the shows they love.

There are many questions I have as I put these competitions to the back of my mind for a few months. Is it possible to find a better way to give both old and new shows a way to show their voice? Will Supernatural ever stop winning? Will any new shows from the 2011-12 season become big enough to create a force that could challenge the front runners next season?

There is still a lot of time left for all these queries to be answered, a good indicator will come in the STV End Of Year Awards which site owner DarkUFO is likely to run during the winter break over the new year. Make sure to tune in for those as well as potentially another competition that may run during January.

Look out also for Adam's TV Teasers, my own column where STV brings its own original TV content, teasers and spoilers as well as exclusive episode titles and synopsis'. This feature will be back tomorrow, and you can find it HERE once it is live.
I'm also a part of the STV Podcast, with my good friends and colleagues from the website TheODI, CJ & Heather. Check that out HERE as well...

All that is left for me to say is a huge thank you for playing. I hope you enjoyed it, regardless of how well your favourite character did. I know my picks all suffered early(ish) exits but I still enjoyed seeing the passion and determination of other fans fighting their corner.

Most of all, enjoy the 2011-12 TV Season, keep supporting your shows, keep your voices heard by the people who run the industry. If your voice can be big enough, then you can keep a show alive, whether it is on the screens or in its memory.

TV plays an important part in life. If gives you the chance to live in another world, sometimes only for a year, sometimes for much, much longer

TV is all about the experience. Here at STV, we help you experience those worlds every single day of the year.

I look forward to experiencing the rest of this year with you all, here.

Twitter: @AdDHarris


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