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Wilfred - Interview with Wood & Gann

We wanted to know if you could talk a little bit about the recent episode that Mary Steenburgen was on. It was such a great episode and we really got to know a lot about your character, so if you could just tell us a little bit about filming that it would be great.

Elijah Wood: Yes. That was - actually that was one of the more enjoyable experiences working on that particular episode, made, I think all the more special because of Mary Steenburgen. She was truly extraordinary and brought such a beautiful energy to the set. We only worked with her for four days, but we felt this great loss when she left us - it was kind of amazing. It was four days, but she'd made such an impression on everyone. It's a - you know it was an important episode in the sense that it gave a lot of background information for the "Ryan" character and a really interesting relationship develops also between "Wilfred" and "Ryan's" mom, as well. Jason?
Jason Gann: Yes, and I got to make out with Mary Steenburgen and -
Elijah Wood: You did, by the way I just recently saw that episode - damn, I forgot how much you actually made out with her.
Jason Gann: Yes, I was really looking forward - I was like - I was like so excited about making out with Ted Danson's missus, it was like - it kind of overshadowed the rest of the episode for me. We shot a number of takes of that kissing scene and we thought we had it and I said, "Yes, I think we've got it" and I went into the room where the show runner and the director were, Randall Einhorn and David Zuckerman, and I said, "Did you see my tongue go in?" They were like, "Yes, we know it went in." "But, did you see it go in?" They were like, "You can tell it's in." I'm like, "But did you see it?" They said they didn't see it go in. I said, "Give me one more." So I went back out and I said, "We'll do one more." I made it get the tongue right in there and then I said to Mary Steenburgen, "Look, I'm sorry about that." She was like, "What are you sorry for, it's the most fun I've had in ages." It was a lot of fun. She was a really good sport. We have to bring her back, you know. We really want to see that character again. It was so great we got a second season and fingers crossed she's back.
Elijah Wood: Yes, it was a great episode, too, I think in the sense that it explored some of the psychological background to the "Ryan" character and developing his back story a little bit as well, sort of an interesting multi-layered episode that I think we're really proud of.
Jason Gann: I'm not really proud of my last comment. Now that I've heard Elijah Wood's really intelligent answer to that, I mean all I talked about is making out with ... I vow to have more intelligent answers for future questions.
Elijah Wood: But, but look, I mean ultimately the make-out is a stellar, very important piece to the puzzle that we created.
Jason Gann: Well, yes, yes. Thank you, thank you. It is, and it's also like the humanizing of behavior and I've seen dogs just get their tongue right in the mouths of humans.
Elijah Wood: Yes. And, and, you can also look at that as - is "Ryan" making out with his own mom? ... is he ... ?
Jason Gann: Yes, gee, all right.
Elijah Wood: I didn't mean to open a can of beans.
Jason Gann: Maybe it's time we move on to the next question. Thank you, that was a great question, thank you.

Source: Full interview @ MovieWeb