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A Tom Fontana/Barry Levinson series on the CW ?

Tom Fontana, the creator of Oz and the upcoming Borgia series, is developing a crime-procedural for the CW with his fellow producer Barry Levinson.

As Deadline reports, Musketeers 3.0 will revolve around 3 outstanding and out-of-control NYPD detectives who see their daily life shaken when a young rookie as good as them is assigned to their team.

It sounds like CBS, it smells like USA Network but it's a potential pilot for the CW. Tom Fontana on this network is quite a surprising move (now, what's next ? David Simon developing a show for ABC Family ?). Good job, Mark Pedowitz.

Pedowitz recently announced he has a few priorities for the CW : developing comedies (there are none on the air on this network) and having more 'repeatable' series (the reruns of the CW's scripted dramas don't perform extremely well). Having a non-serialized copshow would certainly help on that matter and also reaching a broader audience.