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Glee-Episode 3.02- I am Unicorn- Review

Tonights episode of Glee was a whole new kind of episode, the whole plan of back to basics is defantly underway...just in a slightly semi darker way. I am Unicorn was a great follow up to last weeks equally as amusing episode

Here's the plot Mr. Schue enlists coach Beste and Emma to direct the school musical along with Artie. Although the latter two seem unfit for the job but the combination of all three defiantly leaves room for equal opportunity. Mr. Schue with the help of Mike decide to have a booty camp that will help those who are not dancing inclined to get better jn hope of uniting the team in all aspects for Nationals. Obviously Finn is part of the group as is Puck, Kurt who cannot resist jazz hands, Mercedes and Blaine who whiling offers in order to catch up.

We also learn that Kurt is starting his campaign and class president an gets a surprising counterpart in Brittany. Her focus, Kurt is a unicorn beautifully unique. Brittany wants Kurt to embrace all his 'gay gay gayness' he however is hesitant for obvious reasons.

And the biggest storyline of this episode is the return of Shelby (Idina Menzel) who was head hunted by Al Motta to create a new glee club that's stars his daughter. The return Of Shelby means all kinda of bad things for Rachel and Quinn, Puck however is excited for her return and can't wait to be a part of baby Beth's life. As of fan of the Puck/Quinn relationship to see Puck stand up and fight to see his daughter and help knock some sense into Pinked out Quinn. It's all kinds of awesome to see Mark with a storyline as well as Dianna who truly knows how to play heartbreaking.

The return of Shelby also means an inevitable meeting with Rachel who is not so forth coming with the return of her mom. Like she points out she is her mother not her mom, an issue she has not let go of. Their interaction also provided the best song of the episode the beautifully appropriate 'Somewhere'.

Quinn's constant denial of her feelings puts her at odds with Mr. Schue who she blames for all the wrong doing in her life. And although Matthew Morrison completely over acted his scenes, again, he raised the best point abs that is grow up and take responsibilty for your mistakes. And she does, kind of like she tells Puck
If it takes her dying her hair back to blonde and re joining the Glee club, she will because she is going to do what ever she can to get her baby back. Now this was the biggest issue I had with the episode, I don't understand the writers need to constanty take away from the integrity of their characters. Quinn is clearly unstable and instead
of her seeking help their going to make her steal her baby back? It just makes
no sense and is taking away from the amazing story arch that was formed.

Over all the episode gets 4/5 music notes it had many more highs than lows.

The best part of the episode is also the best song of the episode, its hands down the scene with Idina and Lea the song was so perfect for their situation as well as their voices. To see two generations of Broadway stars coming together and singing within the same range and the same power is truly extraordinary.

Second goes to Puck fighting to be part of Beth's life really fantastic acting.

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