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Cougar Town - Season 3 - Busy Philipps interview - Laurie/Travis won't happen this season


Busy Philipps has some bad news for the Laurie-Travis 'shippers on "Cougar Town."

"It's not going to happen this year. I know that for a fact now," Philipps tells Zap2it about the would-be romance between her character and Travis (Dan Byrd), who's about a decade younger than Laurie on the show (in real life, Philipps and Byrd are only a few years apart).

"I was a little disappointed because I feel like the end [of Season 2] -- there's like no mention of it in the beginning of the season that we had this very sweet moment," she tells us following an appearance on the KTLA Morning News on Tuesday (Sept. 6). "Maybe that's just what their relationship is. I'm figuring it out with you guys as we go along."

That's not to say, though, that Laurie won't get any lovin' this season. "I know Laurie is going to get a boyfriend this year, that she's possibly going to meet online," Philipps says. "They haven't cast him yet, so I'm putting in all my suggestions. Unfortunately, Ryan Gosling doesn't want to do a five-episode arc on 'Cougar Town.'"

Source: Zap2it