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The Big Bang Theory - Episode 5.03 - The Pulled Groin Extrapolation - Full Taping Report


The whole gang, including Amy and Bernadette, are at the guys’ apartment. Leonard’s cleaning up the table, and asks who wants the last dumping. Penny says she does. Sheldon tells her that they’ve just had Thai food, and in that culture the last morsel of food is given to the person who’s the most respected of the group, it’s a big honor. Penny snatches it anyway, stuffs the whole thing in her mouth, and tells them around it, thank you all for this high, high honor. Sheldon first told her something like she can one-up him or eat without chipping in in their apartment, choose wisely. Then his line was changed, to, “I’ve seen pictures of your mother. Keep eating.”

Read the full report here. Thanks to Roxanne!