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True Blood - Episode 4.09 - Let's Get Out of Here - Spoilery Synopsis

In tonight’s plot-crammed episode of HBO’s “True Blood,” Sookie (Anna Paquin) comes to a realization, a ghost makes a final farewell and the witches rain blood on the vampires’ party.

In “Let’s Get Out of Here” (at 9 p.m.), say hello to a bloody menage a trois: Sookie’s latest brush with death has her dreaming of a future with both Bill (Stephen Moyer) and Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) - at the same time. Now how is she ever going to convince the two alpha-bangers into sharing her?

A possessed Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) storms Hoyt’s (Jim Parrack) home with baby in tow. In the siege that follows, Jason (Ryan Kwanten) realizes Andy (Chris Bauer) is addicted to v-juice and Jesus (Kevin Alejandro) proves he is one powerful brujo, working his magic to bring peace to a distraught ghost and freeing Lafayette. It’s great to see one of “True Blood’s” stories wrap up so conclusively, even if sum result of this story, as poignant as it becomes, does not live up to its creepy opening.

Speaking of possessed, Eric remains in thrall to Marnie/Antonia (Fiona Shaw), who has a supernatural way of keeping her followers in line. A jealous Debbie (Brit Morgan) visits Sookie, whose telepathy picks up the wrong thing at the wrong time. At a “Festival of Tolerance,” Antonia strikes, turning the party into a bloodbath. Her ultimate goal: the destruction of King Bill, using his own minions against him - and not even Sookie’s warning may save him in time.

Source: BostonHerald