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Supernatural - Ultimate Episode (Round 2-2) - Poll

The last of the round one winners join the vote today: Mystery Spot, All Hell Breaks Loose - part 2, A Very Supernatural Christmas, On the Head of a Pin, The Man Who Would Be King, Abandon All Hope, Appointment in Samarra, and Born Under a Bad Sign. I think this round will be harder for most people than yesterday's. So let's get on with the vote. Don't forget that comments are that last stick of gum you didn't know you had.

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Episodes in Round 2:

The End
Tall Tales
Swan Song
My Heart Will Go On (to round 2 - Sorry. Couldn't help it.)
No Rest for the Wicked
The Monster at the End of this Book
Lazarus Rising
Changing Channels
My Bloody Valentine
Yellow Fever
In the Beginning
Jus in Bello
In My Time of Dying
The Song Remains the Same
French Mistake
Dark Side of the Moon
Point of No Return
Bad Day at Black Rock
Weekend at Bobby's
All Hell Breaks Loose, part 1
Mommy Dearest
What is and What Should Never Be
Mystery Spot
All Hell Breaks Loose, part 2
A Very Supernatural Christmas
On the Head of a Pin
The Man Who Would Be King
Abandon All Hope
Appointment in Samarra
Born Under a Bad Sign

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