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Supernatural - Favorite 19th Episode - Poll

Results from the 17th episode are in and My Heart Will Go On is the winner with 106 votes and 32% of the vote. In second came Heart with 75 votes at 23%. Currently, Point of No Return is winning the 18th episode poll. Today we have a selection that automatically falls in a ranking for me. No questions and no hesitations. I love when that happens. My guess is that Mommy Dearest has a great shot of winning here. Thanks to everyone who has been voting and commenting. I appreciate it. However, I would like to encourage people to use capitals and punctuation. I don't mean to sound witchy but it is sometimes hard to understand what people are saying without them. I would hate to miss a chance at good conversation for the lack of a capital.

Also, this part of the poll is almost over so thank you for helping us pass the hellatus time. We're over halfway there! Yippee! I'm taking suggestions on how you would like to pass the rest of hellatus when this part of the poll is over. My plan is to take the winners of these polls and doing one week of massive voting, but then I'm open to suggestions. Let me know what you want to see in the comments. Thanks! Let's get to today's poll:

Provenance - Sarah Blake is the one-shot PiP I most want to see back on Supernatural. I loved the connection between Sam and her and how Dean supported it. "Marry that girl." Mostly though, she was brave in a bad situation and had the brains to solve the ghost mystery. Her conviction that she needed to fix it because she unwittingly helped get that couple killed was Winchester all the way. However, the reason it gets my vote is because this episode really scared me. That homicidal ghost girl was terrifying with the razor blade and doll. I thought this was well done all the way around.

Folsom Prison Blues - I loved Deacon (and the actor who played him) and if this episode weren't in this particular round it might have gotten a vote from me. The idea that the Winchesters would go to prison to pay back a debt their father owed amazed me. The fact that they solved the ghost story within prison had me cheering. Remember back when the Winchesters won...a lot. I know it's been awhile but this episode highlighted Winchester ingenuity and I miss that. Plus we had Tiny. "Doughnuts are not love."

Jump the Shark - My loathing of the Adam Winchester addition puts this episode dead last for me. The brothers arguing over Adam and what kind of life he should have was just another round in the brother fracture. Ghouls are disgusting. Yep, that about covers the episode for me. While it did not Jump the Shark like titled, it had those sharks swimming uncomfortably close. I'm glad he ended up dead and the show could continue shark-free.

Hammer of the Gods - The positives outweighed the negatives in this episode but not by as big a margin as I hoped. Obviously the return of Gabriel was the biggest win. I loved that he was in a third disguise and had a thing for Kali. The porn mustache revelation was fantastic, but Gabe's death not so much. I also thought the gods portrayal was weak. They did god meetings much better on Stargate SG-1. Having Lucifer kill off so many was also a downside and a waste of good potential characters.

Mommy Dearest - I enjoyed this episode as I think a lot of people did. It had the foursome working together, amped up the Eve story line, and brought back Samantha Smith. All good things. It also had the reveal that Cas was working with Crowley, which didn't come as a shock, and Crowley himself, which did. As far as advancing the mytharc, this one was a doozy. It's biggest drawback was killing off Eve, who never got the story she deserved, although I have to say the return of Clever Dean was welcome.

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