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Louie - Episode 2.07 - Oh Louie / Tickets - Louis CK vs. Dane Cook

This Thursday, the oft-maligned comedian Dane Cook will guest star on "Louie," and by the looks of the promo, this is something you won't want to miss -- especially given the years of rocky history between the two comedians.

A look says it all, right?

Over the years, Cook has been a punching bag for other comics, with many accusing him of joke theft and plagiarism. And one of the most pervasive claims, one that circulated for years within the comedy world, involved Louis CK, himself.

A few years ago, the website Fugly put together a compilation of material from both Louis CK and Dane Cook, where Cook clearly covers a few topics heard in previous CK sets -- jokes about being powerless to an impending accident, naming your kids, and having an itchy ass.

Cook doesn't repeat the jokes verbatim, but the general concepts are pretty similar. Though, as the blog Dead Frog pointed out in 2007, these were well-worn topics in comedy (who doesn't have an itchy ass joke these days?) and it's difficult to say for certain that Cook stole anything directly from CK.

Source: Full article @ Huffington Post