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Infographic: What Jobs Do Characters of 2011 Emmy Nominees Hold Down?

Emmys.com published a few days ago, a very intersting infographic called "What Jobs Do Characters of Emmy Nominees Hold Down?"

From Emmys.com:

Character Gigs: What do the television characters of your favorite Primetime Emmy-nominated actors do for a living? From Jon Hamm's Mad Men ad exec "Don Draper" to physicist "Sheldon Cooper" played by Big Bang Theory's Jim Parsons, it's quite a job mix.

Source: Emmys.com, via serienload

Also AOLTV's Alex Moaba posted earlier today:

We often joke that 95% of the characters we see on TV are either doctors, lawyers or cops. But among characters nominated for Emmys this year, the occupational breakdown is considerably more diverse.

Led by Don Draper, 12.6% of nominated characters are businessmen. 10.3% are stay-at-home moms or dads, 8% are lawyers, and 6.9% are teachers. The biggest group in the graphic falls into the 'Other' category, which includes Matt Damon's '30 Rock' character Carol, who's a pilot, and Dexter Morgan, a forensic scientist/serial killer of evil people.

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