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Femme Fatales - Renewed for 2nd Season

Thanks to Richard for the heads up.

According to the above link/interview Cinemax has geenlit a second season of Femme Fatales for 13 episodes:

Earlier you mentioned that Cinemax will be renewing the series for another 13 episodes. Was renewal close or did it get locked up early? And how have the ratings been compared to what you expected?

MAA: We’ve been lucky that the ratings have been great. We knew we were getting a pick-up for additional episodes early, but, as I said, it wasn’t decided until recently that this would be a real second season. We’re grateful the network believes in the show and has been so supportive and despite everything else Steve and I have going on, we hope to do many more seasons, as long as it’s still fun for us. We get to do things we could never do on any other show and it’s also got us a lot of attention from other networks that can’t believe what we’re doing with our very limited budget who have been extremely impressed with the show and opened some great opportunities for us as producers as well in the future. Anyone who knows anything about television when they hear what we’re making these episodes for is blown away by the production value and what we’re able to accomplish on our budget and schedule…and still have great catering.

Second season we have a lot more of that with Jeff Fahey in “Libra” who is totally old school noir, ‘Bob Mitchum meets Bogey’ awesome. And we have Robert Picardo who we love from “Gremlins II” and “The Howling” and Antonio Sabato Jr, Kyle Gass from Tenacious D, Casper Van Dien who I got to talk “Starship Troopers” with for hours, and Leilani Sarelle form “Basic Instinct” and a bunch of others that I won’t even mention because I don’t want to spoil the surprise.

Source: Full Article@grizzlybomb

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