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Fan Expo 2011

Every summer in Toronto, Fan Expo has become a ritual for me. It is Canada's largest entertainment convention for anime, comics, gaming, horror and sci-fi. And it just keeps on getting bigger. With one more day added to this extravaganza, there are twice as many celebrities and even more panels to choose from. Having time off this year, meant I would be going ALL... FOUR... DAYS! As I am a Star Trek fan, this was exciting. The first thing you would notice about this year... fewer lines. There was actually time to move from one event to another.

On the first day, the R2D2 Builders unleashed one of its droids. It's the roving celebrity photo op. The next day, I saw the guy controlling it. He held a remote behind his back as the robot pushed through the throng surprising passersby. While I waited for the autograph lines to dissipate, I spent time looking for merchandise. With the weekend being the busiest, I managed to snag my last autograph on Saturday and waited two days to get in line for it. I paid $150 plus just for autographs alone. The crowd on the dealer room floor was staggering. Interesting to note the amount of people who brought their babies. The noise level can't be pleasant for the infants. There was a great deal more people in costume. Artist Alley also expanded accordingly.

Highlights of the Celebrity Q and A:
Expect to see more of Kevin Sorbo and Lee Majors in the coming year. Both have been busy working on television projects and Kevin Sorbo has a few films in the works. William Shatner returned again this year to announce the upcoming release of his book and album, as well as plans for making a new documentary film based on convention fans. He apologized for not being able to show clips from The Captains, but did let us know that it will have a limited theatre engagement.

I will never forget how awesome cool it was to butt fists with Larry Hagman or have an impromptu photo op with Marina Sirtis or talk with Martin Landau about a favourite episode of Space 1999. As always, I enjoyed speaking to all my idols.

Until next year.

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