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Death Valley - Interview with Tania Raymonde

Thanks to Octavio for the heads up.

This looks like a very different role for you. You're not a sweet girl anymore. In Death Valley's trailer you rock and really looks so rude with those zombies! What can you tell us about your character? Did it require any special preparation?

Carla is a tough-as-nails chick. She's straight forward, very direct and takes her job seriously. She isn't afraid to kick some serious zombie ass, and above all, I think she loves what she does. She also really cares about her partner, John John, even though she's constantly getting him to focus when his mind starts wandering. And, oh yeah, she shoots to kill! We used plastic guns on the show--all the gunfire was digitalized after the fact. So most of my prep went towards getting the gun shots to look realistic.

After some collaborations in some other shows over the past few years,you finally have gotten a lead role in a series. What does this mean to you? Is this show, and the way they make it, different from other shows you have worked such 'Lost' or 'Look'?

This show was very different from anything I'd worked on before. We shot mostly nights for 3 months, and some of the episodes were shot in 3 or 4 days, so the pace took some getting used to-- we moved very quickly. We also interact with the camera a little bit, because this show follows the documentary format, so that was a fun new thing to do. I loved how physical this part was, all the action is so fun. Coming from a pretty serious show like "Lost", it's nice to do comedy again. Girls can kick ass and be funny too

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