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CW - New President wants Procedurals, Comedies, Remakes and Superhero series

The CW's 2011 - 2012 season was mostly of Ex-President Dawn Ostroff's design but starting next season the new President will oversee development and at the TCA he expressed an interest in Procedurals, Comedies, Remakes and Superhero series

"We are opening ourselves up to look at comedies this year," said Pedowitz. "We feel there are comedies out there that would have worked well on CW."

Citing the existence of DC Comics in the Warner Bros. family, Pedowitz said he's actively looking to add a superhero-themed series to add to the schedule.

Pedowitz also spoke of his desire to see at least one drama join the schedule that avoids the serialized style that marks most CW series given they repeat better and invite more viewers to sample beyond the premiere.

"We're not going to walk away from serialized programming but at the same time there's a deep focus on that close-ended show that has a CW show feel to it," said Pedowitz. "We need those shows. That's where we're headed."

Another programming style Pedowitz signaled an interest in is remakes, citing the success of "90210" on CW and Syfy's "Battlestar Galactica." However, he declined to identify specific properties he's eyeing but made his desire to do something in this territory clear: "I believe in new twists on a great idea," he said.

Source Variety