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Weeds - Season 7 - The Music

Weeds Season 7


Season 7 Episode 1: "Bags"
[The Grenade Scene]
Song: Who am i to feel so free
Artist: Men

Season 7 Episode 2: "From Trauma Cometh Something"
[The Random Drug Test Scene]
Song: Dead and Gone
Artist: The Ettes

Season 7 Episode 3: "Game-Played"
[no soundtrack for this episode's ending]
[Nancy and Demetri Scene]
Song: Devil's got your Boyfriend
Artist: Tracy Bonham

Season 7 Episode 4: "A Hole in her Niqab"
[Crying Stevie Scene]
Song: Trouble Me
Artist: The Diplomats of Solid Sound

Season 7 Episode 5: "Fingers Only Meat Banquet"
[Heylia is Back!]
Song: Friend
Artist: Bakerville

Season 7 Episode 13: "Do her/Don't do her"
[Final Song]
Song: Doomed
Artist: Brent Amaker and Rodeo

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