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The Vampire Diaries - Badgeville - Badges Now Created - Start Collecting!

Update: 29th July The badges are now created and ready for you to collect. For the more technical stuff and for any technical issues you have with them, head HERE but I figured this would be a good place to discuss the actual badges and how your doing in terms of collecting the badges on a more show specific level. Enjoy them :D

A small taster for you, the level 1 badge is Bonnie Bennett:

Time to start collecting!

Hey Vampire Diaries Fans,

We're beginning to progress further with the Badgeville badges, and The Vampire Diaries is to be our next go at creating a show specific badge, where you score points and badges for engaging in posts that are solely The Vampire Diaries based. This follows from the Supernatural & Fringe badges we launched today... For more information on Badgeville on STV head HERE

Of course we need to design the badges for this, and seeing as you as fans are important to us and know who is a great character on the show and who is not, we thought we'd let you pick the faces that will be on the badges.

For this show, all the main and recurring characters are in one poll for you to choose from

All you need to do is vote for the 6 characters you feel are most worthy of a place on the ten badges we will initially create... That means you can select up to 6 characters then press the vote button... I've included all the important multi-episode characters I can find but if there's someone else you want to nominate, stick him in the other option :D The top ten nominations will appear on the badges in that rank order!

Remember to vote for 6 characters and whilst your at it you can comment below on who you chose and why...



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