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SpoilerTV - The Best TV Show Competition 2011 - The Winner Announced + Final Words

Hey Guys,

It's been a record-breaking two days.

48 hours after I finished the final official post of the 2011 SpoilerTV Best TV Show Competition we have reached the final result and it is a pleasure to announce that Supernatural is the winner!!

After a battle which swung one way and then the other, it was Supernatural who managed to push on for one final time in the last few hours to haul out a phenomenal performance of over 11,500 votes. Fringe fans should also be proud of what they achieved in this final, no show has ever pushed Supernatural so hard, no show has come so close to proving that perhaps Supernatural are a beatable force. For 2011 though, the Winchester brothers remain undefeated and after a force de force showing that saw Chuck hammered and The Vampire Diaries humbled it is perhaps fitting that over the course of the competition the strongest show won. I’m sure many will agree that it’s not an easy feat to win this competition, so congratulations to all Supernatural fans for a huge feat, and commiserations to Fringe fans for giving such a good run. After the fantastic third season it’s clear to see that the ‘cortexifans’ are stronger than ever and hopefully they can continue to grow in season four and get us another couple of years with Olivia and the Bishops... Also we should applaud the ‘browncoats’ for pushing Firefly into third place having beaten The Vampire Diaries in the Third Place Playoff; for a show that was never given the full chance it deserved to still be going this strong some nine years later is testament to what Joss Whedon created all those years ago.

Congratulations are also in order for the winner of our prediction competition, that person of course being the man who has stood above us all from the earliest days of the competition, Sergey Sevostianov on a huge 168 points, highlighted by his faultless bracket from the Quarter Finals onwards. He is the winner of the DVD voucher, and we will be receiving the prize over the next few days. I know he isn’t a regular commenter but I’m sure if he’s reading this we’d all love to hear from you! Sergey, you should also email DarkUFO at darkufo@spoilertv.com on how to claim the prize... Congratulations also to Zedd for finishing in second place on 152 points and to Dahne for finishing third on 151. For everyone else, you can find your final positions HERE

Personally it really is very exciting and humbling to know that a competition which is in only its second year, on a website that is still young, fresh and growing managed to produce over 22,000 votes!

I remember last year when I approached DarkUFO about the possibilities of running this competition that neither of us expected it to become the huge success it has become. We would like to express our gratitude and thanks to everyone who voted, commented, tweeted, facebook-ed, constantly refreshed the page and revisited the site throughout the month as well as any other things you did to help make it such a success. In the Final alone we had over 50,000 page views, 22,000 votes, 2,500 tweets and over 1,000 Facebook likes. Also amazing is that the official twitter feed for Supernatural @CW_Supernatural tweeted out our final competition:

Add into this the fact that we have had no dramas, and that people come to our site to talk about television in a civilised manner without any disrespectful words makes it a pleasure to run. It takes me a lot of time to set up the nomination stage, counting all the votes you submitted was a huge task, and I spend at least an hour each day setting up the days post and then more time monitoring and of course then joining in the fun. It's great that it isn't a chore but a privilege to be able to run the competition...

I hope that for many years we can reproduce the fun that the 2011 Competition has been; we have surpassed the heights we reached last year ten-fold.
I feel that together we have spread the word that currently there are many fantastic and well-loved television shows that deserve to be remembered. It has also shown that despite the hands of time beginning to distance them from us, there are shows such as LOST, Firefly, Buffy & The X-Files that will live on.

I hope everyone has found a new show to try watching as a result of one of our polls and gives them a whirl, I’m sure it will be worth your time.

If you are here as often as I am you understand when I say that a television show, when it’s done correctly becomes a part of you that you want to keep forever. It is with the fantastic technology today that we get to share our own experiences with each other and to come together to celebrate the brilliance that television is and the memories and feelings that they leave you with.

I will be returning next month to continue the games with you all in the ‘SpoilerTV Character Competition’, where we will see if LOST’s Jack Shepherd can make it two wins out of two or if a new character can steal his crown.

However this is the end of the Show Competition until next year, where I will be back to share our love of television with you all, and to see if Supernatural can be beaten or whether it will be a Winchester hat-trick.

At the end of the day, it isn’t all about the winner, but it’s about the fun of spending some quality time with people who understand what it means to be in love with a television show.

I speak from personal experience in saying that not everyone does :P

Until next year, this is the end.

Thank you for playing.

Some of the Competition Statistics:

Final Placings
01. Supernatural
02. Fringe
03. Firefly
04. The Vampire Diaries
05. Chuck
06. Buffy
07. NCIS
08. Angel
09. Game Of Thrones
10. LOST
11. The X-Files
12. Bones
13. Veronica Mars
14. How I Met Your Mother
15. '24'
16. Charmed
17. Castle
18. White Collar
19. House
20. Gilmore Girls
21. Smallville
22. MASH
23. Glee
24. Battlestar Galactica
25. Stargate SG1
26. Pushing Diasies
27. Nikita
28. Burn Notice
29. The Mentalist
30. Heroes
31. Flashforward
32. The Wire
33. Criminal Minds
34. Grey's Anatomy
35. Friends
36. Doctor Who
37. Gossip Girl
38. ER
39. The Walking Dead
40. Prison Break
41. Community
42. Dexter
43. Scrubs
44. The Big Bang Theory
45. The Good Wife
46. Breaking Bad
47. True Blood
48. Modern Family
49. Six Feet Under
50. Desperate Housewives
51. Dollhouse
52. Sex & The City
53. Farscape
54. 30 Rock
55. The Sopranos
56. Alias
57. Mad Men
58. Cold Case
59. Arrested Development
60. The OC
61. Oz
62. The West Wing
63. JAG
64. Parks & Recreation

Most Voted In Polls
1. Supernatural vs. Fringe – Final - (2-Day Poll) - 22097 votes
2. Supernatural vs. The Vampire Diaries - SF - 9249 votes
3. The Vampire Diaries vs. Firefly - Third Place Playoff - (2-Day Poll) - 8275 votes
4. Chuck vs. Supernatural - QF - 5025 votes
5. Fringe vs. Firefly - SF - 4182 votes

Total Competition Votes
119141 votes (+ Final Rounds)

Finally, you can re-live the final by finding it HERE

I hope everyone enjoys the news coming in from Comic-Con this weekend, I'm sure we all want some juicy info for our favourite shows and the new and exciting line-up coming in the Fall!

Until next time...

Adam D.Harris
Tweet Me Here: @AdDHarris