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POLL : What is your favourite season of Doctor Who ?

Hi ! After a small detour on the comedy side with the Parks and Recreation poll, we come back to dramas with a show that I think will get a lot of people voting and debating (not me sadly, I'm not up to date with this show).

Indeed, today's poll is focused on the big british sci-fi show/geek culture phenomenon Doctor Who. We're talking about the 2005 relauch of the show with Christopher Eccleston as the 9th Doctor (season 1), David Tennant as the 10th Doctor (seasons 2, 3, 4 and 2009 specials) and Matt Smith (seasons 5 and 6) as the 11th Doctor.

Let's vote in the poll below ! By the way, here's a feedback on the first four polls :

1 - So far, 2 out of 3 voters (66%) think the third season of Breaking Bad is the best of the show. Let's hope season 4, premiering in 11 days on AMC, will prove us wrong.
2 - The True Blood poll has been more undecided : 42% of the voters think season 2 is the best of the show while seasons 1 and 3 have an equal amont of voters (one vote separe the two of them), with 29% each.
3 - Another configuration emerged from the Burn Notice poll : seasons 2 and 3 gained the biggest amount of votes (35% and 30% respectively) while season 1 (20%) and season 4 (15%) were left behind.
4 - The Parks and Recreation poll received only 83 votes (keep voting !) but so far, season 3 is far ahead of the previous 2 seasons : 64% of the voters chose the latest season while 31% chose season 2 and only 5% (4 voters) think the first season is the best of the show.

Which season of Doctor Who will be the most acclaimed on SpoilerTV ? Vote in the poll below and tell us everything !

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