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Fringe - Fan Made Map of the Fringeverse

Here is an interesting fan made map of the Fringeverse. The map is made by Jonah M. Adkins who obviously is a fan of the show but also a Cartographer and posted the map on his Tumblr acct.

After a few months of off and on work, I think it’s done. Introducing “The Fringe Map”. The Multiverses of Fringe is my attempt at mapping multiple universes/parallel dimensions of the TV Show FRINGE.

While it’s not THE LOST MAP, I think it is fairly good representation of the United States that exists in the Fringe Reality, and the United States as it exists in the Alternate Fringe reality. Several key things to note:

- The differences in state names and boundaries
- “Hot-spot” type analysis of Fringe Events in the Alt. Reality
- The “pattern”

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