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Entourage - The Final Season

Entourage – The Final Season - My Thoughts 
By Cindy Roland 7/25/2011

The long awaited premiere of Entourage was finally aired last night and I have to say, so far, so good. I certainly didn't see anything earth shattering. It was basically a summation of the entire last season. I can deal with that. I’ll wait… I have patience. Good things come to those who wait, right?

I will say that Turtle is still a "Turtle". That little pain in the ass is still a pain in the ass and we've all had one of them in our group of friends or family. He's still the irritating, parasitic moocher he always has been. There’s a little less of him this year and he appears to be a tad bit smarter but he’s still a pain in the ass. I would be sad if he changed. What he does at the end of this episode is just over the top! You just want to strangle him but then, I am forever wanting to anyway. All a part of being aTurtle. Because of one selfish act (nothing new for Turtle), he's set up the events that will probably mold the rest of the final season.

Johnny is still as neurotic as ever - even with his newfound success as Johnny Bananas. I’m grateful that the writers gave him this because God knows he’s earned it. I’m hoping they allow this relationship with E’s assistant to blossom too. He deserves some sanity in his life. He’s got soft spot that is just so genuine and touching, especially when it comes to his baby bro. We all wish we had a Drama to champion us. He’s the ultimate ego booster.  

E is still E, loyal, long suffering and forever in love with love and commitment. E will always strive to do the right thing. He never seems to falter, no matter how much money and corruption is thrust upon him. I was amused when he had to think about Sloan sending a thirty thousand dollar engagement ring back to him via a plain brown envelope – (sans padding, no less!) and after analyzing the dreaded deed for half a night, only then did he finally realize it made him mad. OMG, even the most stable of us would have had a coronary long before he did. Gotta love E.   

Scott has offered up an interesting addition to the group. I like him, even more so than I did when Billy infiltrated the group. Scott is selfish and self serving but again he's in with the right crowd. It’s only a front and he truly wants to belong. He wants what this group of friends has to offer and he’s willing to compromise his dog eat dog tactics to join forces with them. I think he's coming around – I see a crack in his exterior and I like it.

I've always had a love/hate for Billy. He is much more likeable sober and amazingly more interesting. That is rare for a character like him. Usually, addictive personalities are defined by their weaknesses but not Billy. He really shines in his sobriety. It’s refreshing and new. Billy comes through for the boys this time. He was always such an arrogant putz before his time in rehab and bringing that bus full of beautiful women redeemed him in my eyes. It was clearly a gift from the gods. Very clever Billy! I think I love you now and I didn’t want to.

The least interesting character for me has always been Vince. It's ironic because he is the nucleus of the entire show. No matter, he still remains the one I care the least about. Even when he went over to the dark side of fame and fortune by getting involved with porn stars and drug addiction, his character never moved me.  
Vince never seemed believable enough for me and I still don't care. He’s still basically a cardboard cutout with dark curly hair and killer blue eyes. Vince is the perfect non-person the Hollywood dream machine manages to crank out every single day.
I DO CARE how he affects the other characters, so that makes him absolutely vital. They rely on him for everything. In turn it makes you rely on him for the story. You want him around just to make them happy. (Really weird and brilliant writing!)

The one who made me – no, forced me into loving this show about a bunch of people who no one should ever care about, has been and always will be the most vile, yet lovable character I’ve ever encountered, Ari Gold. I’m infatuated with this evil son of a bitch because in reality, he’s neither.  

Jeremy Piven has made a despicable character into a fascinating blueprint of the complexities of the human psyche. When he goes into a tirade and throws things, terrorizes Lloyd (who thrives on the abuse Ari dishes out) or dotes on his children - I am in awe and I actually get giddy and find myself giggling, sometimes uncontrollably.
I’m still trying to figure out who got rewarded the most, Jeremy or Ari. A match made in Hollywood heaven for sure!
I am always excited and thrilled to see what he will do next. I would never want to be around Ari in real life but I’m fascinated by him. He is loyal to a fault, to his clients and he will knife anyone in the back to make their lives happier and more successful.
You might think it was because it would be a way to further his career and make him more successful but I don’t think so. I think it’s just who he is. He is such a brilliant damn character and I thank the actor, writers and creators every day, for such a gem. Ari Gold is the ultimate bastard!
I hate to see him going through the torture he is suffering right now. Ari without Mrs. Ari is heartbreaking and when she told him she was seeing someone else... I got a lump in my throat. My fear was he was going to turn into a weak Dr. Jekyll instead of his predictable but oh so addicting Mr. Hyde.  
We needed that comic relief when the boys informed him that he got wasted on fake vodka. Somehow it made everything better. He still managed to shed a tear. Too bad Lloyd wasn’t there. He would have offered Ari a monogrammed hankie and Ari would’ve taken a swing at him.

To see them standing together as a group, watching the mansion go up in flames was reassuring. They all realized, after all this time, that no matter how far they THINK they have gotten, they are all right back where they started. Needing to be together and we need to see them  together. It’s bittersweet to think this is the beginning of the end. *sniff*

Here's hoping for an amazing final season. I didn't mind the slow start. I like to see things build - we all love a good climax, don't we?

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