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Do I think Lea should have been nominated for an Emmy?

Of course! But I'll stick by my idea that has never changed and that is for every series I have watched, the 3rd season of ANY series (minus OC and Gilmore Girls) has always been the BEST. Look at Buffy, Smallville, One Tree Hill, Parks and Rec...the list is endless. I think that Season 3 of Glee is going to blow the first two seasons out of the water. I truly believe that.

This show is so heavily based on the writing, and although the Emmy's are meant to honour those acting, the truth is if the writing isn't there than the acting just won't hold up, which is clearly obvious in both Lea Michele and Naya Rivera's Emmy Snubs. Both Lea and Naya have showcased how to both be HIGHlarious and Heartbreaking with the material given, more so Naya (this season). By episode 10 of this season everyone was already over Rachel pinning over Finn. The absolute confidence in her talent and stardom were constantly questioned by herself and her fellow Glee clubbers.

The truth? No one wants to see Lea/Rachel acting like she isn't good enough, because we all know she is. The point of her character is that, although she is obnoxious and wants things to much-she earns it because her talent out shines everyone's around her. During the first season when she says to Finn, "You're talented, I would know I'm talented too" It was never said out of cockiness but absolute confidence and willingness to fight to show that it was true. That fight disappeared much to quickly this season.

I think somewhere along the way the writers forgot about that and let her storyline fall to wayside as they focused on Kurt and his being gay storyline (that although was done beauttifully-was addressed in great length last season).

My biggest fear for Lea is that she will become the Courtney Cox of Friends. One of the funniest characters part of an already incredable ensamble to never get recgonized for her talent. I fear that this same thing will happen to Lea, and even if Season 3 is her best season i don't feel she will get the recognition she deserves, which is an Emmy and Golden Globe win.

Its not just simply about winning, its about being recognized that SHE should Win and that if she does ever Win it will be deserved.

Like the show, Lea has been represented as an underdog, whether it be her looks or her uniqueness-she has always been pegged as the underdog. And in the beginning maybe-but now? No, never-her talent alone puts her above all the young actress out there, her singing pushes her over the edge of the MANY talentless singers in this business now. Lea is set to achieve greatness, which she will whether it be TV, Film or Broadway-you can't keep someone like Lea Michele from singing her song


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