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CSI: MIami - Episode 10.01 - Countermeasures - Synopsis and Spoilers

Thanks to Micha for the heads up.

Following traumatic near-death experiences, Horatio and Natalia struggle to keep moving and hunt down the men responsible for their ordeals.


~ Things seem to pick up almost instantly. Jack Toller is still on the lose, and he seems to be working with an accomplice: Leo Kendry. Jack is in the process of making a counterfeit deal, and he's also taking an 18-year-old girl (Melanie) with him.
~ Calleigh helps get a kid into foster care.
~ Renee Locklear is back and she's assisting Horatio (who appears to be alive!). Oh, and Natalia? Well, she's **a*!
~ Walter and Tripp have a scene together where they discover an important piece of evidence that might lead to Jack's whereabouts.
~ Jack appears to have mommy issues, which might be a reason why he is the way he is today.
~ I see mentions for everyone except for Tom Loman. There's an Eric/Calleigh/Ryan scene that looks promising. Lots of Calleigh from what I can tell!

Source: csifiles

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