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Breaking Bad - Season 5 being the last season is getting more and more likely

It's not exactly news, but I thought it was worth mentioning that Vince Gilligan (the brilliant mind behind Breaking Bad) got interviewed by the New York Times recently and once again, he talked about how it's pretty sure that Breaking Bad will end next season.

Mr. Gilligan admitted the show cannot go on much longer. Although he’s changed his mind in the past, he now thinks the show should end after 5 seasons, if for no other reason than to honor the integrity of the experiment :

“This was never intended to be an open-ended show. As creators of the show, we have to see it through to the end, to finish what we started. I will be sad the day Breaking Bad ends, but the worst thing that could happen, and I learned this from experience on The X Files, is to reach a peak and then be on the long slow decline. It's better to leave a party too soon than to stay too late".

Source : TVWeek.