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Alcatraz - Comic-Con 2011 - Creative Team Speaks Out

Is Alcatraz the next Lost? You can’t help asking the question. The show comes from Bad Robot productions, home of Lost co-creator J. J. Abrams. The Alcatraz showrunner is iconic Lost writer Elizabeth Sarnoff. One of the show’s stars — arguably the biggest name attached, depending on how often you rewatch Jurassic Park — is Jorge Garcia, Lost‘s lovable Hurley. After a rough pilot season that saw the series picked up as a midseason replacement, Fox hired Jack Bender as an executive producer and director — the same Jack Bender who directed most of the iconic episodes of Lost, including the three-hour finale. And that’s not to mention the plot, which focuses on a mysterious island, features extensive use of flashbacks, and might even (why not?) include time travel.

At today’s Alcatraz Comic-Con panel, Sarnoff was genial about comparisons to that other island show. When asked about the comparison, she said simply, “We totally embrace it. Certainly, there’s no better show. But we’re our own show, we want to do our own thing.” The pilot screened in its entirety for a crowded audience at Hall 20.

This was actually the second time Alcatraz screened at Comic-Con this week. EW’s Sandra Gonzalez talked to some fans after the earlier screening, whose reactions ran the gamut from “It looks very good” to “It looks like a re-hash.”

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