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Adams TV Teasers - July 29th - Mad Men, The Mentalist, CSI:Miami, Ringer, The Walking Dead & More...

Hey Guys,

A few good teasers for you to dig into this week, so enjoy! :D

Desperate Housewives
Episode 8.03

In the episode is guest star Rasha who is a handsome hippie and also a vegan who loves yoga. He's dismayed when he sees his girlfriend arguing with her sister in a very un-Zen like way.
He is also described as being a really nice Jewish boy from the suburbs...

Burn Notice
Episode 5.14

Two guest stars in the episode are Dion Wade, an African American upper level Gangster and Dolly, also African American and equally street tough in the gangster world.
Dion is also described as being ruthless and violent with a willingness to lie to enemies and friends... Also his greed could be the key to his downfall.
Dolly is known for having a good heart, but she has her faults, and her vices. She finds herself on the run when some information falls onto her lap...

How I Met Your Mother
Episode 7.01 is called The Best Man

In the episode is Clay, a jovial and good natured guest at the wedding, he's also humbled by Teds recent career success. He counters this by showing off his pride at being a father...
Also there is Nick, a soon-to-be dad who prentends to be angry at Marshall when he asks how far along his pregnant wife is...
Watchout out for a bridesmaid screaming and running away from Barney!

A Gifted Man
Episode 1.02

The new series is casting Rafe for episode 2, a P.E teacher who has become laid off and has to flip burgers to support his family...
He finds himself at the clinic when a game of basketball goes horribly wrong...

Body Of Proof
Episode 2.03 is called Lazarus Man

The episode synopsis is that a presumed dead drug addict is transported to the morgue, only to reveal he's very much alive - and the prime suspect in his roommate's murder...

One Tree Hill
Episode 9.03

In the episode is a drug dealer who is a threatening and imposing type who sells drugs to Clay, threatens Quinn and has a run in with Dan. He's described as a top-of-show recurring guest star...

The Big Bang Theory
Episode 5.01

Penny's got an acting job!... in a commercial. The producers are hunting for someone to play the role of Penny's mom in the TV commercial as we speak :)

Mad Men
Episode 5.01

Some juicy casting from the new series, with three possibly recurring characters being cast!
The first is Michael Ginsberg, a mid-twenties Jewish New Yorker who is described as handsome, charismatic and funny!
The second is Dawn, an African American who is conservative, shy, well spoken and polite!
The third is Morris Ginsberg, a sturdy, strong willed and intelligent Jewish man... This role needs a Polish Accent!

Criminal Minds
Episode 7.04 is called Painless.

The guest star for the week is a character called Bob Adams, who is a man who has always wanted to be accepted but never has been. After surviving a high school bombing in his past he had hoped to finally be recognised but instead was forgotten. Sounds like a man with a grudge to me :P

Episode 1.03

In the episode is Detective Singer, who helps Agent Machado uncover some information on Bridget
Also in the episode is the casting of a young Bridget, so SMG will be getting some backstory early on in the series...

CSI: Miami
Episde 10.03

The episode synopsis states that in the aftermath of a deadly tornado, the CSI crew investigates a deat that is definitely not storm related...

Episode 1.03

A possibly new recurring character in the new series is Seamus O'Connor, a mid-forties lawyer.
Also in the episode is a character called Trevor, described as a sexy bad boy. The role will require nudity so get your blindfold ready if you're a member of the Parents Television Council!

White Collar
Episode 3.15

The producers are looking for a decent name to play Lassiter, a contract thief who is highly regarded by other cons... He is good at assembling great crews and never being caught.

The Walking Dead

A storyline for an upcoming webisode is 'When hordes of the Walking Dead descend upon the city, Hannah and her children take refuge inher ex-husband Andrews House.'
But the ammo is running out and the odds are against them! Shit hitting fan time if ever I heard it...

The Mentalist
Episode 4.03 is called Pretty Red Balloon.

The guest lead for the episode is Beth, who contacts the CBI when her seven year old son goes missing.
She's a former client of Jane's and is convinced he can uses his psychic power to find the child...

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