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Adams TV Teasers - July 1st - Nikita, Dexter, The Good Wife, Once Upon A Time, Burn Notice, 90210, Californication, Gossip Girl & More...

We're back!

It's been a while, and I have to admit that I've missed preparing and posting the 'TV Teasers' over the last few months, but what with the launch of the podcast as well as the winding down of the TV season, it had to take a back seat.

But it's back, and hopefully better than ever... so read through and enjoy, any feedback on layout, shows you want to see represented or comments are welcome!

Desperate Housewives
Episode 8.01

In the episode is Father Dugan who is a Catholic priest in his mid to late 60s and he is annoyed when his sabbatical to Ireland is delayed by a parishioner who wants to give his confession.
Related to the Dugan storyline is Father Benson who is a much younger priest excited to be hearing hsi first confession...
Also look out for a key scene on a shuttle bus to the airport with roles being cast for the driver and two newly-weds on the bus for their honeymoon.

Royal Pains
Episode 3.09 is called 'Fear & Floating In The Hamptons.'

Episode 3.10 is called 'A Little Art, A Little Science.'

There's a recurring guest star in the house, a four episode arc to be exact for Dr. Abby Burton who is beautiful as well as being Hank's rival at medical school. She starts working at the hospital Hank was dismissed from and he ends up having to visit seeking her help.

Episode 6.11 is called 'Indiana Shawn and the Temple of the Kinda Crappy, Rusty Old Dagger.'

The episode synopsis states that Shawn & Gus try to find a secret art collection of one of the richest men in the world, a man who happens to have been dead for fifty years...

Gossip Girl
Episode 5.01/5.02

A new role added to the fifth season premiere is described currently as 'manager' and is a cute, spunky LA restaurant manager. Nothing more is known yet but she is appearing in both episodes so may be one to watch out for...

Once Upon A Time
Episode 1.02

Sydney, otherwise known as 'The Magic Mirror' is being cast, and in the real world is a reporter for the local newspaper The Daily Mirror. However in Fairytale land he is a vaporous visage trapped within the Queen's magic mirrors. Described as always truthful as 'The Magic Mirror,' his character in the real world is anything but, planting evidence and spinning stories for his own agendas... This is a definite recurring guest star role!
Also entering the show in the early stages is the 'Queen's Valet' who is tender and timid and described as the only voice of reason in the Queen's life. He may not be evil but he will go to extraordinary lengths for his Queen.
Watch out for Maleficent, a witch able to stand up against the Queen... powerful and cruel she is more reasonable and less vengeful than the Queen. This role is a potentially recurring role!

Episode 2.02

Dottie Corronis makes her mark in the second episode of next season, a former regular of Frank's local bar and she is described as not at all a beautiful woman, but she is very sexual... Tasteful nudity and simulated sex scenes may be required, perhaps hinting at where Dottie's character is heading in her two episode arc...

Episode 5.09 is called 'At The Movies.'

In the episode is 'The Girl' who is described as hot, as well as the lead actress in a movie Hank wrote. She wants a more substantial part and is willing to do anything to get it. As espected the role requires nudity and simulated sex...
Also two smaller roles in the episode is a new assistant for Charlie, as well as a scary, tattooed biker who is key to a dare that Charlie may regret getting involved in...

Harry's Law
Episode 2.01 is called 'Hosanna Roseanna' and Episode 2.02 is called 'There Will Be Blood.'

The key guest stars in the episode is Jonathan Preston, who is a successful businesman who purchased a piece of art that the artist now wants back.
The artist is Bennett Fenwick, who wants the piece back because he claims they defaced it...

Episode 4.02

A couple of recurring guest stars starting in the second episode are Bree, a cute sorority girl who takes Annie under her wind and Dean who is the "seen it all" Dean of Student Life. Let's just say one of them has a 'darker' side that is revealed as their story-lines continue.

Blue Bloods
Episode 2.01 is called 'Mercy.'

A new recurring guest star is Colson who is the Mayor elect and is a lean and handsome man who carries himself with confidence.

Burn Notice
Episode 5.12

MAJOR SPOILERS: A recurring character for episodes 5.12 to 5.18 is known as 'The Engineer' who is an evil genius, and a diabolical mastermind who has seminal ties to the network that burned Michael. He is a psychologist employed by the military. Consider him a master manipulator moving the chess pieces, and is known for the charm he has in his villainy.

White Collar
Episode 3.12

A guest star in the episode is Martinez, and is a ruthless financier who has a polished image and is a suspect in being involved with drug cartels. He may also be embezzling money...

The Closer
Episode 7.08 is called 'Death Warrent.'

The episode synopsis states that the chief financial officer of a major drug cartel is bout to testify for the state and Brenda is tipped off that there is going to be a murder - but perhaps the victim is not who they think it is...

Criminal Minds
Episode 7.01 is called 'It Takes A Village.'

In the episode is Lachlan McDermott, who is a European dangerous international criminal...


A recurring guest star for the show is called Juliet, who is Andrew's beautiful and hot 16 year old daughter... she also feels neglected and overlooked by her parents. She has a very volatiles relationship with her stepmother Siobhan.

Episode 6.04 is called 'A Horse Of A Different Color.'

A tiny casting call for 'Gardener' who is in his 40's.

Episode 6.05 is called 'The Angel Of Death.'

A recurring guest role is Carissa Morris, who is a professor at Florida University, and is described as intelligent but not scruffy.


The new series regular is Sean Pierce, a thinking man's soldier. He is a careful observer who can analyse a situation methodically. He as a dry wit and is a natural leader and a patriot whose moral code is challenged by several of the secrets he begins to uncover.

The Good Wife
Episode 3.01 is called 'The Next Day.'

The episode synopsis states Jimal is the only student accused of having taken part in a massive cafeteria fistfight, and when Alicia finds evidence that apparently exonerates him, he's accused of murder...

Loads of stuff for you there, we'll be back next week with lots more for you to dig into.

For now, have a great week.

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