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Adams TV Teasers - July 12th - Hawaii 5-0, Dexter, Nikita, The Mentalist, CSI NY & More...

Hey Guys,

We have some more TV Teasers for you all and as the season is kicking into gear there are a few nice bits and pieces for you to get your teeth into...

Pretty Little Liars
Episode 2.12 is called 'Dig Deep, Bitches.'

Hawaii 5-0
Episode 2.02 is called 'Ua Lawe Wale.'

The episode synopsis states that after a 15 year old girl is kidnapped, McGarrett works alongside new Five-O officer Lori Wilson to return the missing girl.
The missing girl is called Jen, and she is a teen athlete who just won a marathon by paddle-boarding from Molokai to Oahu. She also has a heart condition that endangers her life.
Also key to the episode is Rhea, Jen's mom who has to cooperate with McGarrett in the mystery of Jen's father; an eccentric leader of an anti-government cult.

Episode 6.06 is called 'Just Let Go.'

Some small casting news is that in the episode is Cindy, a hot and sexy blonde at a party and 'junkie' a crack smoker in an alley. Both are one scene parts...

White Collar
Episode 3.13

In the episode is Grant, a large and intimidating man who is Keller's (Ross McCall) accomplice.
Also in the episode is Rufus, a conman who Mozzie sets up to get arrested.

The Playboy Club

A major recurring character for the first 12 episodes of the show is John Bianchi, an icily handsome and quietly menacing man with an imposing and formidable presence.
He is like a brother to Nick (Eddie Cibrian), and also the heir apparent to 'The Outfit.'

The Glades
Episode 2.12 is called 'Shine.'

The episode sees a booze cruise of Hemingway buffs turning deadly, and also Longworth's case leading him to a secret recipe for white lightning...
It's rumoured this special brew may be a good motive... for murder! Dun dun dun...

Episode 2.02 is called 'Falling Ash.'

In the episode is Alicia, a seemingly pretty, adorable and spunky next-door-type girl. She was also fired from her dream job because of a drug addiction and the man she sought help from may just have turned her into a sleeper assassin.
That man is Joseph Mars, a crepy-looking and brilliantly twisted neuropsychiatrist and takes money to do anything and for anyone... he may also have a secret with his experimental psychotropics!

Burn Notice
Episode 5.13 is called 'Damned If You Do.'

In the episode is Xavier, who is one of Miami's drug smugglers and a man who has secured his power by making smart choices.
Those choices have kept him out of the reach of the law, but will his hunt for a hacker with $5million of his cash be his downfall?

The Closer
Episode 7.09 is called 'Star Turn.'

The episode synopsis states that the week Missy Michael's country pop video is released, the 17 year old's father goes missing while on a hike in Griffith Park...
When his body is found, everything suggests he was murdered!

Gossip Girl
Episode 5.03

A possiblly recurring role is that of Alessandra, who is a pretty and stylish agent. I assume this isn't a secret agent :P

The Mentalist
Episode 4.02 is called 'Little Red Book.'

Guest lead for the episode is Ray Haffner, a no-nonsense alpha male who is a CBI Supervising Agent and a man who runs a very tight ship...

Episode 8.01 is called 'Indelible.'

The episode has the tenth anniverary of 9/11 proving a wrenching but clarifying passage for Mac, who suffered a terrible loss on that day.
Also there's an open and shut robbery/homicide which proves more complicated than anyone expected!
There's a new possibly recurring character coming to the show; Hannah, who is a forensics technician that is lacking slightly in social skills. She is also openly curious about Mac...

Body Of Proof
Episode 2.03

A heavily recurring guest star is Dani, a smokin' hot woman in her twenties who drives the medical examiners van.
She's confident and street smart and ends up wanting to be part of the M.E team...

Royal Pains
Episode 3.10 is called 'A Little Art, A Little Science.'

Episode 2.03

In the episode is Kirk McNally, a military guy in his 40's. He's expected to reappear in episode 5.
Also there is Kim Furtado, whose life has beaten her up and left herhaggard & tired...

Harry's Law
Episode 2.02 is called 'There Will Be Blood.'

There's a possible recurring guest star coming, his name is James and he's the son of Alfred Molina's Eric... He's also been in therapy for years...

That's all for this week. Hope there's plenty there for you to tuck into :)

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