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White Collar - Episode 3.02 - Where There's a Will - Jeff Eastin Tweets

Normally I recap White Collar's new episodes, but this week finances and time are against me. Since I'm flying out for vacation, I've decided it would be fun to let Jeff Eastin recap the episode instead. Jeff Eastin is the creator and executive producer of White Collar. Here are the tweets he sent during the West Coast viewing of the episode.

#WhiteCollar live tweeting - I'm starting now

Danny and Chris Masterson have acted together but have never played brothers before this episode.

I had just finished The Lost Symbol and wanted to do a Dan Brown style episode.

The daughter, Savannah, is named after my niece.

True: Napoleon had at least sixteen different signatures over his lifetime

Horace Blyth and Hatch O’Brey are actual anagrams of “Tycho Brahe.” Go ahead, TEST US.

The Roland House is actually not a house at all, it’s a school. The Convent of the Sacred Heart is the alma mater of Lady Gaga!

I'll try to answer a few questions as we go..

I'm the astronomy buff

Yes, that’s Anna Chlumsky from My Girl playing Agent Melissa Matthews. The character is named after writer @MarkGoffman’s cousin Melissa.

The DeArmitt Gallery Elizabeth interviews at is named after Jenny DeArmitt, #WhiteCollar’s long-suffering writers’ assistant.@dearmittens

This sundial is fictitious, but there are several in Central Park, including the Waldo Hutchins Memorial Bench.

The sundial scene is shot at a spot in Central Park where director @SBookstaver loved to walk as a kid.

It took me a long time to explain this mirror scene to the cast & crew. #whitecollar

Tycho Brahe had a dwarf named Jep. We had several jokes involving Mozzie being called Jep. I cut them.

Tycho also had a pet elk that he used to feed beer. It died in a drunken fall down the stairs.

We were supposed to get kidnappsavanah.com but we didn't. Fail.

Tycho Brahe’s nose was sliced off in a drunken duel, after which he wore a prosthetic nose made of silver. #WhiteCollar

I love Felix. Great character.

I told FX company to match Star Walk ap on my iPhone for the stars.

The planetarium scene was shot in NYC’s Hayden Planetarium, where director @NeilTyson was the first to display a Pluto-less solar system.

Tycho letter and his twin story is all true.

This is from my sneak peek page. #WhiteCollar

Mike Grosky is our amazing location scout.

You can finally get White Collar merchandise at liten.be//uxBi0#WhiteCollar

Satchmo's real name is Jackson

Sam on Neal's jacket is a Burn Notice shout out.

This is one of my favorite Neal / Mozzie cons

Bomer said he thought I was Kevin McKidd when he came in for the first audition.

Bob Villa was a Bomer ad lib.

Astronomer Tycho Brahe’s first published work was a letter to his twin brother who died at birth.

Brahe really did have his own print shop on the island gifted to him by the King of Denmark.

to repeat: The Roland House is actually not a house at all, it’s a school. The Convent of the Sacred Heart is the alma mater of Lady Gaga!

Danny and Chris Masterson's dad came to set for several days of filming.

I'm rebooting my Mac at commercial. @kevinmitnick is helping me design my new Macbook 15"

The opening scene in ghost inspired this ending

I personally filmed this airport bar establishing shot w/ jet landing with my canon 7d at LAX because I didn’t like the stock shot we had.

The bar scene with Neal and Agent Melissa Matthews was shot at the Fairfield Inn across the street from Silvercup, our studio.

I love this scene.

My Mac is working much better now. Word always slows it down.

I was terrified they would play it too drunk.

In one version of this final scene, Melissa and Neal made an impromptu pinky swear.

That's it for me. Thanks for watching. #WhiteCollar