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I stumbled across this when I was looking to see when Medium S7 was going to start!

(Last updated: Friday 10th June 2011)

(TBC) = To be confirmed.
If a show is listed as (TBC) this means it’s either not an official date from the channel, or is subject to change.

JUNE 2011

Lie To Me, Season 3 (cont) - Sky1 – 2nd June 2011 at 10pm.
Back on Sky1 in June for it’s the rest of it’s final season…

Pretty Little Liars, Season 1 (part 2) - MTV – Thursday June 2nd 2011 at 8pm
Jumped from Viva to MTV. Currently re-running season 1, but reaches episode 11 on June 2nd, which i think is where it ended on Viva.

Sanctuary, Season 4 (cont.) - Watch – 7th June 2011 at 9pm
It’s on mid season break in the US until April, and it’s back on Watch in June starting with a double bill.

Smallville, Season 10 (Final Season) - E4 - 7th June at 9pm
After the usual 9 month wait, the E4 scheduling numpties finally bring us Smallville Season 10!

Supernatural, Season 6 - Sky Living – 8th June at 10pm
Finally. Official. Confirmed. Supernatural is back in the UK in June!

Camelot, Season 1 - Channel 4 – June 11th 2011 at 9pm.
Starz network’s take on the Arthurian legend.

Nikita, Season 1 (cont.) - Sky Living – 15th June 2011 at 9pm.

One Tree Hill, Season 8 – E4 – 20th June 2011 at 9pm
Back for it’s 8th series.

Dexter, Season 5 – FXUK – 17th June 2011 at 10pm
FXUK have aired Dexter in April & August before, but this year have plumed for June!

Royal Pains, Season 2 - Universal – 19th June 2011 at 8pm
Medical drama returns.

Mildred Pierce, Season 1 – Sky Atlantic – 25th June 2011 at 9pm.
5 part mini series, starring Kate Winslet, Guy Pearce and Evan Rachel Wood.

Big Bang Theory, Season 4 (cont.) - E4 – 23rd June 2011 at 9pm (TBC)
E4 stopped season 4 to allow the US to get ahead a bit more. They said it’d be back in May, but after E4 fed that date into their new Schedulemaster 3000™ it vetoed it, moved it to June, and decided to show Big Bang reruns instead…

Shameless USA, Season 1 - More4 – 23rd June 2011 at 10pm
US remake of hit UK tv show. Stars William H Macy.

Top Gear, Season 17 - BBC2 – 26th June 2011 at 8pm
The boys are back for the 17th series of the tv show loosely based on motoring. ;)

Medium, Season 7 - Sky Living – 24th June 2011 at 9pm
Final Season.

The Sunset Limited - Sky Atlantic – June 2011
Tommy Lee Jones and Samuel L Jackson star in the screen adaptation of of the Cormac McCarthy (The Road) play.

JULY 2011

Torchwood: Miracle Day (aka Series 4) – BBC1 – 8th July 2011 (TBC)
It’s likely to be 10 episodes this time round, and is shooting around the world, not in Cardiff. Will air in the US on the Starz network (who co-funded this series) on 8th July.

Californcation, Season 4 – 5star – July 2011 (TBC).
Season 3 aired in July last year, so it’s a best guess. No official word yet though.

Falling Skies, Season 1 - FXUK – 5th July at 9pm.
The new Steven Spielberg produced sci-fi tv show starring Noah Wilde as a history teacher called Tom Mason who leads a group of survivors after the world is shaken by an alien invasion.

Body of Proof, Season 1 - Alibi – 19th July at 9pm.
Medical drama staring Desperate Housewives’ Dana Delaney and Star Trek’s Jeri Ryan.

The Borgias, Season 1 – Sky Atlantic – July 2011.
Drama in the style of The Tudors set in Italy’s Renaissance era with Jeremy Irons.

Body of Proof, Season 1 – Alibi – July 2011.
American medical drama starring Dana Delany and Jeri Ryan.

Entourage, Season 8 – Sky Atlantic – July 2011.
Back for it’s 8th and final season.

Teen Wolf, Season 1 – Sky Living – July 2011.
Supposed to be airing in July, although i can’t see any sign of it yet, so i’m guessing late July!


Hit and Miss, Season 1 – Sky Atlantic – Summer 2011.
An original drama for Sky by Shameless creator Paul Abbott.

Sons of Anarchy, Season 3 – Sky1 or Sky Atlantic or Sky Living… or 5USA… – Summer 2011.
Was on Bravo, but is caught up in the Sky buyout. Sky have said they WILL show it, but not where or when, but the most likely place for it is Sky1 or Sky Atlantic. However, the Sons of Anarchy Season 3 DVD is due out on October 10th 2011, so (assuming that date sticks) it puts Sky airing SoA sometime in Summer. UPDATE: There are now reports saying 5USA have bought the rights… So either that’s incorrect, or Sky wasn’t sure what to do with it, and sold it to 5, or they have the 2nd run rights, AFTER Sky show it…

Leverage, Season 3 – Sky Living – Aug/Sept 2011 (very much TBC!)
Currently rerunning season 1 on Sky Living Loves, so 2 possible scenarios. 1 – They are just rerunning Leverage seasons 1 and 2 cause they have the license from Bravo, and wanted to fill some time on Sky Living Loves, or 2 – they are prepping the Sky viewers who missed it on Bravo for season 3. If the latter is true, we should see Leverage season 3 around August/Sept… That’s very much an IF though… Pure guess work at the moment, so don’t be surprised if it doesn’t appear!

Drop Dead Diva, Season 3 – Sky Living – Aug/Sept 2011 (TBC)
Currently rerunning season 2 on Sky Living. Could air straight after, which would put it in Aug, or it might have to wait for the season to end in the US, which puts it in Sept.
September 2011

A Town Called Eureka, Season 4.5 – SyFy – September/October 2011 (TBC)
This is a best guess at the moment.

Burn Notice, Season 4 – FXUK – September/October 2011 (TBC)
This is a best guess at the moment based on the DVD release date for the Burn Notice Season 4 DVD being set as Jan 30th 2012.

Warehouse 13, Season 3 – SyFy UK – September/October 2011 (TBC)
This is a best guess at the moment.

Haven, Season 2 – SyFy UK – September/October 2011 (TBC)
Not back in the US until the Summer, so this is a best guess at the moment.

Merlin, Series 4 - BBC1 – September/October 2011
The season has been extended from 10 to 13 episodes. According to Merlin star Colin Morgan, it’ll be back in the Autumn.

The Vampire Diaries, Series 3 – ITV2 – September/October 2011 (TBC)
It’s in The CW Fall season, and ITV2 usually air Vampire Diaries close to the US air date.

Southland, Series 3 – More4 – September/October 2011 (TBC)
It’s 10 episodes this time around. No official date yet, but i’m putting it here based on last years air date.


Rizzoli & Isles, Season 1 – Alibi – September 2011.
Stars Angie Harmon as police detective Jane Rizzoli and Sasha Alexander as medical examiner Dr. Maura Isles. Announced in May as coming to Alibi ‘later this year’, so guessing summer, but may be Autumn.


True Blood, Season 4 - FXUK – Jan 2012
Confirmed by FXUK it will be Jan 2012.

Being Human, Series 4 - BBC3 – Early 2012
Being Human series 4 is confirmed for 2012 – I’m assuming sans Mitchell given the events of series 3, and the fact he’s off in New Zealand being a dwarf in Peter Jackson’s Hobbit. ;)

Red Dwarf, Series X (10) - Dave – Autumn 2012
For reasons best know only to Doug Taylor, the next series will be know as series 10, not series 9, only saying that this would “make a lot more sense in future” … Whatever it’s called, it’s due to go into production in November 2011.

Mad Men, Season 5 – Sky Atlantic – 2012.
The fifth season of the award-winning series has been bumped in the US to 2012.

30 Rock, Season 6 - Comedy Central – 2012
Held back due to Tina Fey’s pregnancy.

Cougar Town, Season 3 - Sky Living – 2012
Held until mid-season in the US.


Chuck, Season 5 (final season) - Sky Living – 2011/2012
Airing September in the US. 13 episodes ordered, with option to pick up another 9 if it all goes well (or NBC have nothing else to fill the schedule with!) Could be we get it in Oct/Nov, but it could also be 2012.

Private Practice, Season 4 – Sky Living – 2011
No official news yet.

CSI:Miami, Season 9 – Channel 5 – 2011
No official news yet.

White Collar, Season 2 - Unknown- 2011 (TBC)
Sky Living are denying they will be showing season 2 and it’s not coming to Sky1 either, so it look’s like White Collar season 2 is in limbo for now. The DVD for White Collar season 2 is due out January 31, 2012 (White Collar – Season 2 [DVD]) in the UK.

Entourage, Season 8 (Final Season) – Sky Atlantic – 2011 (TBC)
Premieres on Sunday 24th of July for it’s 8th and final season on HBO in the US. Will depend on Sky as to how fast we get it.

True Blood, Season 4 - FXUK – 2011/2012 (TBC)
Premieres on Sunday 26th of June on HBO in the US. Will depend on FXUK as to how fast we get it, but could very well be 2012…

The Killing (US), Season 1 - Channel 4 – 2011 (TBC)
All we know at this point is Channel 4 have bought the rights.

The Walking Dead, Season 2 – FXUK – 2011 (TBC)
The Walking Dead isn’t back in the US until Sept 2011, so we won’t get it until November 2011 at the very earliest. It’s possible it may end up being 2012…

Breaking Bad, Season 3 – Unknown – Unknown (TBC)
Season 1 ran on FXUK. Season 2 ran on 5USA. Season 3… Not a clue. 5 and FX both claim not to have it. It’s the one show i’m really struggling with info on.

Covert Affairs, Season 1 - Unknown – Unknown
As far as i can tell, hasn’t been picked up in the UK yet.

Source: GeekTown

I've changed the date for Rizzoli & Isles

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