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Spoiler TV: The Best TV Show Competition 2011 - Day 7 - Community vs. White Collar & Breaking Bad vs. The Vampire Diaries

Hey guys,

I'm not around to post the next round this afternoon, so once again there's going to be a slight overlap between yesterdays polls and todays... As a result, don't forget to vote, check out and then eventually see who the winner is in the polls between Dollhouse vs. Pushing Daisies as well as Arrested Development vs. 24 over HERE

Today is a return to the current shows side of the competition, with two shows I know very little about, Community and White Collar squaring up for a place against (potentially) one of the competition favourites in round two. That competition favourite is of course last years runner up The Vampire Diaries, but before that happens they have a very difficult contest against critically acclaimed show Breaking Bad. At such an early stage any show is vulnerable and so it will be interesting to see how strong a battle the two shows have...

The rules for, for anyone new to the competition is very simple. There will be new sets of shows against each other every day in a new set of polls... simply vote for your favourite and the show with the most votes will win that days poll and head into the next round.

Don't forget to spread the word, and tweet out the competition to friends as well as facebook liking the post...
Also if you are taking part in the prediction competition, don't forget to follow your scores HERE We're already down to only 8 perfect brackets!!

All that's left to say, is good luck to every show...
... and let the battles begin!

Round 1

Community vs. White Collar

Seasons: 2 (2009- )
Major Awards: N/A
2010 Competition Placing: N/A

White Collar
Seasons: 3 (2009- )
Major Awards: N/A
2010 Competition Placing: N/A

Breaking Bad vs. The Vampire Diaries

Breaking Bad
Seasons: 3 (2008- )
Major Awards: 6 Emmy Wins, 10 Emmy Nominations & 1 Golden Globe Nomination
2010 Competition Placing: 46th

The Vampire Diaries
Seasons: 2 (2009- )
Major Awards: N/A
2010 Competition Placing: 2nd

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As always, enjoy the competition and don't forget to comment on who you voted for below so we can all agree/disagree with you!

Any queries email me at adamdharris@spoilertv.com

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Good Luck!