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Spoiler TV: The Best TV Show Competition 2011 - Predict The Winners & Win A Prize - Last Day Left To Join The Game!

Update 12/06/11: This is your last chance to get in your nominations. 273 people have currently completed entries for the competition with 24 entries still to be completed. You must complete your entry by the end of today or you will be not allowed to compete in the competition. Good luck folks...
Update 11/06/11: Just today and tomorrow remain to get in your entries! Currently 263 people have completed their entries, with a further 25 in the process of doing so. Don't forget to enter and complete your bracket by Monday...
Update 10/06/11: Only 3 more days to get in your votes folks... Currently we have 243 completed entries with another 22 in the process of being completed. Don't forget to get your entry in before Monday!
Update 09/06/11: There's now only 4 days to get in your nominations, and we have 212 completed brackets, with around 20-25 brackets in the process of being completed. Don't forget to join in the game...
Update 08/06/11: We currently have 154 completed brackets, with some 15-20 still in progress. You have only 5 more days to enter the game before the main competition begins. Don't miss up the chance to win an Amazon voucher for a DVD Boxset...

Hey Guys,

The draw has been made, the route for every show to reach the final uncovered. Can Supernatural make it two in a row? Can LOST restore the DarkUFO glory days? Or can a different show push past the big shows of the websites history to triumph over the 63 others it must face.
The Competition is about to begin...

But before we get it started, this is YOUR opportunity to predict exactly who will win every round of the competition. The winner will receive a prize in the shape of an Amazon Voucher which will be able to get you your favourite TV show on DVD. And it's so simple to do...

Follow the instructions below that I created for the Movie Character competition a few months ago to enter the game and predict exactly who will win each battle all the way to the final. It's simple, fun and gives you an added incentive to really get into the competition.
If you already know how to use the 'dawgsled' predictor system then head straight HERE

Of course, the key advice I can give you is do NOT predict who you want to win, but rather predict who you think WILL win!

A reminder on how the draw has been done is that in the main draw for the competition, the 32 'finished shows' cannot meet the 32 'current shows' until the third round stage.
This has been done to try to create a spread of shows across the board and to give shows whose fan-bases have spread out and 'moved on' since their show aired a chance to show their true potential.

The only rule for the prediction side of competition is that you have until Sunday June 12th to get in your entries... the competition starts on Monday 13th June.

So get predicting...

How To Join The Game
1. Head to http://www.dawgsled.com/darkufo/login.asp
2. On the Dawgsled Homepage, Click 'Create an Account.'

3. Fill in your account information and click 'Create My Account.'

4. Your account is created, wait for your email confirmation from dawgsled. In the meantime click 'Click Here' to return to the login page.
5. Once you get the email, take your password and fill it into the login page. Click 'sign in.'

6. Welcome to the Dawgsled Home Page. Click on '2011 SpoilerTV Show Cup.'

7. Welcome to the Competition Homepage. Click the Large Text saying 'Join This Contest.'

8. You have now joined the Competition, and you need to fill out the Prediction bracket. Do do this you must click on the now 'red' button to the left hand side saying 'Bracket Manager.'

9. You are now on the Bracket Manager. Simple from here click on the red 'Fill Out Bracket' link to take you to the prediction bracket.

10. This is the fun part, simply click on the person you think (not want, it's a prediction game!) will win and they will move forward into the next round.

11. Fill in all the results right the way through to the final round. In case of a tie, we ask you to enter what percentage you think both finalist will get in order to give us a clear winner.

12. Click 'Submit' and you are ready for the competition, confirmed by seeing a 1 appear next to your name in the table. All that's left to do now, is get your friends to join in and let the battle commence on June 13th.

Source: SpoilerTV

The complete list of shows in the competition are...

Current Shows
30 Rock
Breaking Bad
Burn Notice
Criminal Minds
Desperate Housewives
Doctor Who (2005)
Game Of Thrones
Gossip Girl
Greys Anatomy
Mad Men
Modern Family
Parks & Rec
The Big Bang Theory
The Good Wife
The Mentalist
The Vampire Diaries
The Walking Dead
True Blood
White Collar

Finished Shows
Arrested Development
Battlestar (2003)
Cold Case
Gilmore Girls
Prison Break
Pushing Daisies
Sex & The City
Six Feet Under
Stargate SG-1
The OC
The Sopranos
The West Wing
The Wire
The X-Files
Veronica Mars

Any queries questions or freak outs, send them to adamdharris@spoilertv.com

Also don't forget to follow me on twitter @AdDHarris for updates on the competition

Thanks for playing, don't forget to comment below on your thoughts on the draw for the competition.


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