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POLL : What is your favourite season of True Blood ?

Today's show is HBO's big summer hit True Blood.

3 seasons (the fourth is currently on the air), 36 episodes since September 7th 2008, a big plotline per season (I find it easier to have polls with shows like that) and a lot to discuss about.

Yesterday I didn't talk about what I take into account when I choose which polls to create, so here are my 4 golden rules :

- The shows must have at least 3 seasons already aired.
- No polls of that kind have been made about the shows before on the site.
- The shows have to be in production (or have a final season coming up soon).
- No animated series (because I don't know about you but I personally have a hard time trying to delimit their seasons, figure out which episode goes where when I try to remember which season might be the best (probably because there's no actual evolution)).

If I take these 4 parameters into account and if I want to post a poll per day, I have enough polls to last until August 5th ! That might be too much though. I might cut out some of the polls I planned, e.g some sitcoms for which there's not much to debate with since we face the same problem we have with animated series.

Feel free to comment on your choice below.

And by the way, you can still participate to yesterday's poll if you haven't already, your opinion matters : What is your favourite season of Breaking Bad ?

Anyway, here is the poll :