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Misfits - Series 3 - Interview with the Producers

These names may mean nothing to you, but Murray Ferguson, Cate Crowe and Petra Fried are the producers Misfits. They were at the Television Festival of Monte Carlo to talk about the third season of Misfits.

What can you tell us about the third season of Misfits?

Murray Ferguson: I do not want to say too much, we want to maintain the suspense of the last episode of the second season. But our heroes will have new powers and what they will do will be crucial for the future of the series. Some of these powers will always be related to the personality of the characters (as was the case until now), but not for everyone.

As you know, Robert Sheehan, who plays Nathan will not be in any upcoming TV episodes. So we worked with Rudy, the new character in the series. He will be very funny and obviously will join the group.

Petra Fried: We focus a lot on the new character. After the departure of Robert, we turned the page quickly. Rudy's character is very interesting and he fits very well with the group. But throughout the second season we've also learned a lot about Simon. You've followed his progress so far, yet it will still be different in future episodes.

In the first season of Misfits, we discover the powers of the characters. The second focuses on Simon and the mysterious Superhoodie. Will Season 3 have a theme?

Cate Crowe: Yes, there are many storylines, but will not tell you which ones.

Ah, but I want a scoop!

Petra Fried: I'll tell you one! I think what you like about Misfits is a surprise! For now, we try to keep some surprises and suspense that we created at the end of the second season but I can tell you is that ... In Season 3, the characters will have to fight against the Nazis!

The relationship between Simon and Alisha will continue in season 3?

Cate Crowe: Yes, they are in a lasting relationship. They are very happy and in love, but there is a difficult future and a complicated past, so it will not be simple.

I heard webisode happen in Las Vegas. Can you tell us more? What impact will it have on season 3?

Cate Crowe: The webisode explains why and how the character of Robert Sheehan (Nathan) left the series. So Nathan goes to Las Vegas and never returns, but you will understand why.

In the second season, the Simon's future brings with him a photo of Simon and Alisha in Las Vegas. All characters will they be present in this episode?

Petra Fried: Yes, they all go on holiday in Las Vegas. Nathan will also be with his new girlfriend and baby.

Murray Ferguson: The webisode will be six minutes long and was shot in a casino in Reading.

Source: TVMag