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Mega Buzz - Various Shows - 8th June 2011

Thanks to Meg for the heads up.

Any scoop on the new season of True Blood? — Renee
NATALIE: On a show where the term dead is, to say the least, fluid, we'll discover yet another permutation when we witness a chilling resurrection. Tara has a new 'do — and a hilariously entertaining new job. And if I were to tell you that the hottest human-vampire couple among the Bon Temps faithful is no longer Jessica and Hoyt, would you be as sad as I am? Eric wouldn't be.

Is it just me, or did Brennan seem shocked that Booth was happy about her being pregnant on Bones? — Josh
ADAM: It's not just you. "There was a little something in that," executive producer Stephen Nathan says. "She's spent six years slowly becoming more and more in touch with a softer side of herself. And this was sort of one final emotional touch from Booth that says, 'You can enjoy this. You can accept this as the most wonderful thing in the world.'"

I can't wait for Burn Notice to return! What's happening with Michael? — James
NATALIE: Michael has been quite busy tracking down the organization involved in burning him — this time alongside the CIA and a sly handler played by Grant Show. He'll make it back to Miami in the premiere, if only briefly, long enough to get a very warm welcome from Fiona.

Got any good scoop on the new season of Breaking Bad? — Ken T.
ADAM: An important character dies... in the first episode! "You will just throw yourself back in the chair," Bryan Cranston says of the shocking moment. But a little death and mayhem is expected, given how Walt double-crossed Gus, right? "Nothing's getting easier for Walter White and his family," Cranston says. "It's all getting much more complicated and technical and difficult."

Will Grayson ever find out about Jane on Drop Dead Diva? — Mina
NATALIE: Creator Josh Berman is taking over my job this week to answer your question, Mina: "Absolutely ... although for Jane and Grayson to ever have a successful romantic relationship, he needs to fall in love with Jane — not just because she is Deb, but because he loves the person she has become." But something unexpected will complicate that goal. "There is also a second half to that equation — Jane must continue to be in love with him."

I hear the Pretty Little Liars girls have to see a therapist in the new season. True? — Katelyn
ADAM: True, and while the girls are naturally skeptical at first, they will soon realize how beneficial the relationship could be — that is, until one of the girls discovers a clue in the shrink's office that suggests that A is, as usual, one step ahead of them.

Any good scoop on Rizzoli & Isles? — Sarah
NATALIE: Maura Isles has a lover! Ian is a ruggedly handsome doctor who works in the Third World — but when he's in America, he's all about Maura, their passionate affair and the secret they'll be attempting to hide from Jane.

Are Christina and Tom getting married on HawthoRNe? — Eric_calleigh, via Twitter
ADAM: You will know the answer to that within the first five minutes of the June 14 premiere. But what follows most definitely isn't a honeymoon. Christina (and her unborn child) will be attacked at the hospital, setting up a season-long search for the perp, which conveniently brings Marc Anthony's Detective Nick Renata back into the picture. Love triangle, anyone?

Thanks for the scoop on Entourage. Can you dig up more on Vincent Chase? ­— Anna
NATALIE: Vinny will attempt to make amends with his former flames — part of the 12-step program, natch — including the lovely lady we told you about last week. He wants to make sure his many conquests didn't feel used. They're going to get all that done in one final season? If nothing else, it makes us hopeful for last-minute cameos from Mandy Moore and Leighton Meester.

Can we Leverage fans count on some good Parker-Hardison scenes this season? ­— Doug
ADAM: If you take executive producer Dean Devlin at his word, you sure can! "The Parker-Hardison relationship really goes to a much higher level this year — much deeper intensity," Devlin says. He adds that the season will be much more emotional. "The fun is still there, the heists are still there, but ... [the team's] relationships are going to develop in ways that are profound."

It's been a while since you've given us anything on Psych. ­— Anne
NATALIE: Who wants to meet Juliet's father? An upcoming episode will find Shawn and Gus trying to repair her relationship with her estranged con-man dad. His hard shell will be softened by some new information Juliet has to share — perhaps enough to give up his life of crime.

Who is the murderer on The Killing? ­— Bethany
ADAM: Like I'd ever tell you that. But if I were you, I'd remember that the season-long mystery started with a car owned by Darren Richmond's campaign. How the show circles back is unpredictable, but ultimately the connection is not a surprise.

Source: TV Guide